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Top 5 Benefits That Come With Feminine “Badassery”

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Top 5 Benefits That Come With Feminine “Badassery”

by: Andrea Carter, SheSpark Mental Wellness Expert and Founder/CEO of  Success On Fire™ Academy and Wealthy Woman Warrior™

“So do you want to be a show pony or a race horse?”  That was the question asked to a room full of successful women entrepreneurs by a male speaker. Can you imagine how it was received?  You guessed it – the all-female crowd fell silent.  Some took out their phones.  Others glanced at each other and mouthed, “Who is this guy?”  We were all thinking it–  why would a male “motivational” speaker ask a group of highly motivated rock star women if we’d like to be a show pony or a race horse?

A woman stood to her feet, and as she did she appeared to be 10-feet tall.  She was blonde and confident.  She stood with such conviction that she stopped the speaker in his tracks.  She looked him straight in the eye and with projection in her voice so all could hear said, “I’m sorry, I thought you just asked a crowd full of motivated, kick-ass women if we want to be show ponies or race horses?  I just need to clarify because last time I checked, these women sitting in this room can be both and everything in between, when and where we want.”

Within seconds the audience were on their feet with an eruption of applause.  Seconds after, the woman put her index finger to her lips and quieted the appreciative crowd.  She turned back to the male “motivational” speaker and said empathetically, “Listen, I understand coming here and speaking to this group of women is a tough gig as a man. I’m sorry I interrupted you. You likely wanted to make us think about how we’re approaching our business and how to scale up so that we can reach our economic potential. We’ve all read the stats, we get we’re not doing it to our full capacity or the world would be a very different place. What I’d love to applaud you for right now, though, is that you’ve lit a fire in every single woman in this crowd by asking us to choose if we want to be pretty and lazy or self-involved battle axe’s because it’s that type of classification that got us all here in the first place.”

Amongst the crowd came more applause and then one woman yelled out, “We’re badass, and we need more women leaders to be badass so we get what we really need to succeed!”

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve witnessed feminine badassery?  This was my most favorite experience of it.  It quite literally lit a fire in me to change my business model, drop the toxic people in my life who were creating chaos or drama, and get very clear on what I wanted in my life and career.  Although this example of feminine badassery was much more extreme than what I like to personally practice, it contained all the right elements to inspire change and action. I find that feminine badassery always inspires change and action and it’s why embracing your inner badass is important.

Over the years as Mental Wellness Expert, feminine leadership and mindset trainer, I’ve dug into what feminine badassery means, why it’s beneficial and how to embody it so you can rise to greatness! Are you ready to get your feminine badassery on?

The Wealthy Woman Warrior™ definition of a feminine badass:

The feminine badass is 100 percent comfortable in her own skin, and she’s willing to be herself without compromise while taking a stand for what she passionately believes in and wants.




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