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Unleash Your Female Intuition: Amy White Teaches Us How

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Learning How to Tap into Your Female Intuition

Amy White hasn’t always spoken about being an intuitive and medium. In fact, she has denied a big part of herself for years. Limited societal and family beliefs (not to mention successfully working in corporate) is not an environment to be portraying an intuitive. After walking away from corporate and a huge move across the country Amy started her business in California.  That was when Amy started going deeper within herself. Her business as an intuitive, medium, coach, and energy healer really has evolved into supporting others to live their inspired lives. And Amy is doing just that for herself!

Here is how you can tap into your intuition and really live your inspired life.

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In Amy’s Words

Some people think I’m crazy because I want to teach people how to connect to their inner-knowing so that they don’t have to rely on anyone else for answers or direction. They say, “But aren’t you working yourself out of a job? Isn’t that why people come to you?”

Amy white intuitBelieve me, I love sharing intuitive insights with my clients. Teaching them how to access that information themselves? THAT IS WHERE IT’S AT!

We’ve all experienced feelings of being lost in our lives. And whether we’ve been unsure how or when to take the next step in our careers, relationships or spiritual development, things can feel out of alignment and uninspired.

Accessing A Higher Power and the Female Intuition

There is a higher power for all of us—and this isn’t a religious depiction of God. This is a place to release our negative thoughts and energy. Meditation is a huge part of this as well. This is little whispers within ourselves and feelings of knowing. This is inner feeling, not the logical ones our brain controls. Meditation appears in so many ways. This can be short or long, your choice. It can be active as in moving, walking through the woods and reconnecting with nature or sitting while you are guided by a voice or music.

This also can look like taking deep gut breaths and just sitting still, just know that meditation comes in many forms. The take away here is finding what works for you, turning off the common distractions like electronics and just being with yourself. This sacred time is a great time to pose questions to the universe or your higher powers. Surrender. Let go. Move on. This is your time for self-love, self-reflection, and self-care. This is our intimate time with ourselves to grow our self-relationship.


Surrendering can be a real challenge for people. Living in a get done, juggling a million things, high accomplishing society has a lot of stigma around surrendering. Surrendering is about not forcing things, trying so hard to make things happen, and most importantly trying to figure it all out! The stress rises, overwhelm kicks in hence we have anxiety and depression. Instead, specific inspired actions and intentions lead us to a stronger feeling of our intuition. This will take us deeper into our instincts, sense, gut-feelings which is our soul speaking to us. We feel our bodies more.

The coaching process is to teach clients to be able to do this for themselves. Part of the process is not a one and done let’s go. It is learning to be gentle with yourself. The practice is exercise, self-love, kindness, and love. Self-care is the path of self-learning. We all have that inner compass, and we all can do this. We must allow ourselves to learn. To be—not do.


Finding a mentor, coach, program or community of like-minded individuals really supports us in this process. It also helps place the analytical brain in its place. It has been years we have allowed our lives to be driven by the brain burying our heart and soul’s desires. Those quiet whispers within us are buried but know there is hope, you can tap into them, following this process.

Everything is energy, and this consciousness is accessible to all of us at any time.

It requires no special pre-requisites. This is not an ability reserved only for the gurus, enlightened ones or masters. It’s available to everyone. Learning to listen and recognize the signs is the first step to harnessing this new way of being. Trusting the process and taking steps to put simple tools into practice can be life-changing. It just takes practice.

I chose to stop denying myself in an unperfect life. Just small practices a day can be life-changers.


Amy White is a gifted Intuitive & Medium who believes that we are all capable of accessing intuitive knowing to improve our lives, grow in our careers & enhance relationships with ourselves and others. She is a truth-teller, a transformational teacher and light-shower. A once self-proclaimed reluctant Intuitive and Medium, Amy now uses these gifts to guide her clients to heal the past, breakthrough challenges, and thrive in their lives.

email: AskAmyWhite@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amywhitemedium/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzamywhite

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mzamywhite/

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5 comments on “Unleash Your Female Intuition: Amy White Teaches Us How

  1. I must say what an inspiration Amy is. She has been a friend for a long time and still to this day she amazes me what she has overcome, endured and moves forward.

  2. Love these tips to accessing intuition! The most important one is the 1st – in order to access your inner genius, one must be open and receptive to the genius within. Surrendering to give yourself to the process and then receiving the information is truly a great way to invite and allow intuition to come forth.

  3. Surrendering yourself really resonated with me. With all the pressure from society and within I don’t think it’s easy to do. I totally agree however that when we do the potential is almost limitless.

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