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Over-40 Fashionista | Colorado Cover Woman

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Over-40 Fashionista | Colorado Cover Woman

by Jonet Wooten, FabulouslyChicOver50.com, photo by: Beth Sanders

Today, we are headed to Colorful Golden Colorado, to meet our latest She’s Got Style global over-40 fashionista. Roxanne Gould has been a successful model since the age of three, landing the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, to name a few!

Still modeling, Roxanne now divides her time between modeling, a self-esteem coaching business and her own all natural beauty line! Our Roxanne is one beautiful, busy lady.

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

Roxanne Gould
photo credit: Bob Carmichael

ROXANNE: My personal style is comfortable and casual combined with being trendy yet unique. I like to follow the trends but follow in my own way by mixing up styles so it suits my body type and lifestyle. Most importantly I need to be comfortable and to be able to move freely.

When I’m modeling I really enjoy all the variety of clothing I get to wear for a short time. But when I’m not working, I don’t like to wear anything that’s too tight and binding because it gets uncomfortable. High stiletto heels hurt so why bother? When I need a little heel, give me chunky heel so I can at least walk normally and not have to tip toe around. I like the hourglass look on me. It gives me confidence. By not hiding under loose, boxy clothing, it makes me want to keep in shape. Win/win.

FCO50: You’ve been modeling since the age of 3 and are an International Modeling Expert. Are modeling agencies searching for women over 40? If so, what tips can you give someone interested in modeling?

ROXANNE: Modeling agencies around the world are developing classic women and men’s divisions because of the times we’re living in where we appreciate the older generations and are recognizing them as relevant. I’ve had two European agents within the last…

Read the full story and see more photos of Roxanne.

Over-40 Fashionista: Colorado Cover Woman

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