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Fashionista Spotlight: Julie Bee Is Blazer Sharp!

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Over-40 Fashionista Spotlight is a monthly column by Jonét Wooten

Hollywood insider Julie Bee, 54, picked up a few style and beauty tricks from working on movie sets. Julie shared her personal style and beauty go-to’s with SheSpark editor Jonét Wooten.

JONET: Your IG photos are a stylish, chic, and elegant. What tips can you share with our tribe on creating their own signature style?

JULIE: First, let me say thank you for supporting women at this wonderful stage of our lives.  I am honored to be asked to contribute and my real hope here is to not screw it up.

Hitting the big five-oh! was a bit of a shock for me, so I wanted to learn how to dress in a more sophisticated and flattering way that fit this stage in my life.  I began searching for inspiration on “Pinterest” and “Google Images”.   Look for women that represent your “silhouette”, in height, coloring, and shape.  What looks good on them will probably look good on you.  

Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, and Reese Witherspoon are my models of inspiration.  Also, notice the styling of the women on tv commercials, they are dressed casually chic and styled by a highly paid wardrobe designer.


JONET: You make mixing jeans with a fab blazer look oh so cool.  What do you look for in a blazer that can go sophisticated or casual chic?


JULIE: Thank you!!  I try.  

Sometimes, a blazer can be the perfect solution for a quick sophisticated look.  It’s my go-to for pretending to look like a professional in meetings and interviews.  I look for blazers with simple lines and price, honestly, because black, navy and tan are the basic colors I wear year in and out, and since the styles evolve (remember shoulder pads) economical stores like H & M, Old Navy, and Zara can keep me looking current in those basic colors without breaking the bank.

JONET: You have a very exciting job.  Can you tell us what you do? (If you can’t answer this question, no worries)

JULIE:  I do have a very exciting… and, a very demanding job.  I work in the Motion Picture Industry, where the work is highly specified within many different compartmentalized departments.  My title is Property Master and I am the head of the Property Department.  My responsibility is anything that an actor or actress touches, holds, kicks, or eat/drinks, or throws up.  Basically, anything that moves, on-set, is my job to make sure it’s there when those cameras roll, or I am fired.  Very, very simple.  

It is a juggling act, making sure all the props are ready to go, on-set, for a certain scene, anticipating problems and having ready McGuyver-like solutions.  When there are 150 people looking at you to fix that stalled lawn mower or break a shatterproof car window, you learn to think calmly under pressure.  When I started over 25 years ago, I was only one of a handful of women Property Masters.  Now, I am happy to say there are many more, but still a minority.  It’s a male-dominated industry for sure.

JONET: You are a very busy professional with a demanding career.  What’s your favorite go-to look that gets you through a long day at the office?

julie bee rainy day

JULIE: I wear jeans and t-shirts a lot, so I try to elevate the plain look with a great pair of heels and a fitted blazer with simple lines.  Monochromatic looks good on everyone, but my favorite casual chic Hollywood styling trick is the “Column of Color”.  I’ll wear a dark colored top and pant, then a light contrasting-colored blazer over, creating a column of color, making me look tall, lean, and commanding (I’m petite, short and non-confrontational).  It also works with light top and pant with a dark, contrasting jacket over.  

Then, I never ever leave home without my “Foot Glide” (buy it on Amazon.com) rub on your foot in any problem spots that are pinching, rubbing, or tight…put those heels back on and you are good to go…never have a blister on the red carpet or any carpet again.  Foot Glide especially works well with new shoes and hiking/walking boots.  Of course, my fast flats naturally find their way onto my feet at around hour 12.

julie bee foot glide

JONET: Is there anything you won’t wear now that you are 40+?

Ripped jeans.

JONET: What are your go to make up and anti aging products?

I wash my face with a facial cleanser, then apply moisturizer with SPF.  EVERYDAY.  I keep my face out of the sun, period.  Sometimes, I’ll use a night creme in the same brand as the moisturizer because the products work better together if they are formulated from the same chemist.  Neutrogena is my favorite.

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  1. I love a sharp dresser! What a fun post and interview to read. The blazer is a classic that we can where at anytime and look amazing – that and a smile never goes out of style!! (Did I just rhyme??) 😍. Blessing!!

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