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Fashionista Spotlight: From The City Of Angels

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Fashionista Spotlight is a monthly column featuring over-40 fashionistas from around the world. This month’s fashionista is from Los, Angeles, California.

by Jonét Wooten,

You know a woman’s got a gift for creating statement-making looks when you are drooling over every outfit on her Instagram page. Meet the stunning, style guru Julie Harbour from my birthplace, sunny California.

You’ll find everything from cool jeans and belts to chic dresses and heels in Julie’s closet. Her eye for fashion is clearly a gift, but since it’s also her true passion, Julie followed her dreams and became a Professional Image Consultant. She now does speaking engagements and has her own blog too!

fashionista spotlight Julie Harbour 2
Julie D. Harbour

FCO50: Describe your personal style.

JULIE: I don’t really have a “style”. One of the reasons why my business is named Stylish Paradox, is because my style really is a paradox. Because, you never really know what you’re going to get! However, I do have items that I really love, like high heels, dresses, distressed jeans, statement necklaces, big hoop earrings and uh, converse sneakers.

FCO50: Your style runs from cool track pants to fancy dresses and we love it all! Is there one requirement an outfit must meet before you buy?

JULIE: I used to buy items that I just liked. Well, now it’s a must that I love it and I have to be comfortable wearing it. How can you be confident without feeling comfortable?

FCO50: Can you share a few styling tips for women with your fabulous body type?

JULIE: I found that women such as myself, should dress to flatter their curves. Don’t hide them. It’s important when wearing a two piece outfit to make sure you have your blouse tucked or belted in to accentuate your waist line. A-line and wrap dresses also are very flattering.


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