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Fashionista Spotlight: Art Deco & Chicago Chic

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This month’s Fashionista Spotlight is a very special lady. Not only is her style magazine cover worthy, the story of what inspires her and how she creates such captivating looks is something to be emulated.

Lisa White epitomizes all that is chic and glamorous and fortunately for us, she share her tips and insight on fashion, shopping, beauty and life.

Jonét: Describe your personal style.

fashionista spotlight
Lisa White

LISA: My personal style leans toward dramatic. It is an outward expression of the creative core of my personality. I was exposed to the arts and the creative process early in my life and was encouraged in all of my artistic endeavors.

I discovered that each facet of art has its own language and set of tools. It is a matter of mastering and experimenting with them that lead to discovering ones inner self. I approach the art of styling myself as I would approach any other form of creative self-expression.

“Je répondrai” is my life’s motto as I attempt to elevate the moments in my life! My style is one facet of that response.

Jonét: Where do you find fashion inspiration?

LISA: Art and nature have always been sources of inspiration. The shapes and colors in nature are infinite. The art of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, HOKUSAI, and the Art Deco designs of Erte have penetrated my creative vision.

The long, elegant silhouettes of Erte, the kimonos and shapes in HOKUSAI, the swirling colors of Van Gogh, the dramatic gold encrusted paintings found in a Klimt painting, the bold colors and accessories of Frida Kahlo, and the stark drama and larger than life work of O’Keefe have strongly affected my creative responses. All of these artists have contributed their genius toward channeling and directing my creative thought.

Jonét: Your looks are truly unique and glamorous. Take us through your steps on creating a look.

fashionista spotlight lisa white

LISA: Above are my beloved paper dolls of Erte’s fashions from the Art Deco Period. I loved the silhouettes and shapes from that period of time. The first step is recognizing the overall silhouette that I am looking to achieve. I was fortunate to have found that critical first step over 30 years ago when I discovered Erte and and through these paper dolls.

I have been refining and playing with those shapes and lines ever since. After the silhouette, I look at the shapes and proportions. Analyzing the shapes the elements within those shapes (i.e. fluidity, drape, length, dressmaker details) to provide the…


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