Fashionista Spotlight: The Modern Mother of the Groom

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Congratulations… your son or daughter is getting married! You are no doubt filled with happiness and anticipation, yet at the same time might be wondering, what will I wear? Depending upon the wedding, you might need more than one dress to attend the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower and pre-wedding cocktail parties, not to mention the BIG EVENT.

Not to worry, darlings. Our June Fashionista Spotlight star  just wrapped up the beautiful wedding of her son and new daughter-in-law. Regan of Nifty 50 and Fabulous, was kind enough to share her experiences with us as well as some bookmark-worthy, mother-of-groom wedding style and makeup tips.

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Mother Of The Groom In The Fashionista Spotlight

JONET: You recently celebrated the wedding of your son and his bride. Can you share your advice on finding the perfect dress for wedding events?

REGAN: Until last year, I only owned one dress, and I did not like it. My body type (petite, short-waisted pear, size 12/14) is not flattering in a dress.  But lucky for me, many designers are now making dresses that fit many body types.  I have had total breakdowns in the dressing room, and panic attacks trying to find a dress. So knowing that a wedding is not just the Mother of the Groom dress, but also I would need dresses for rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and bridal teas/showers. I had to get a plan and not going was NOT an option.


mother of the groom

First, do some research, look at pictures of other MOG/MOB and see what they wore and what you like. We are lucky to have resources such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  I actually found my dress after seeing one of my “over 50” friends on Facebook. She is a fellow blogger, Hello I’m 50ish, and I loved her dress, found out who made it, and bought it.

Next, ask your friends where they bought their dresses.  My friends gave me such great advice, such as to begin my search at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The people at Saks opened my eyes to designers that made dresses that fit my body type.  They also steered me away from “traditional mother of the bride” dresses that did not look good on me, but I had a preconceived notion that it was what I was “supposed” to wear.

Take advantage of stores such at Nordstrom and Macy’s, which have free shipping and free returns, and programs such as ShopRunner that offer 2 day shipping and free returns, to try on dresses in the comfort of your home.  For every dress I bought, I tried on at least 5.  Many designers make more casual maxi dresses that are FABULOUS for luncheons, rehearsal dinner, and even weddings. Don’t limit yourself to just “bridal wear”.  Oh, and if you find a dress you love, buy it in every color- next year that style will be gone but you will need dresses for other weddings.  Navy is a FANTASTIC color for weddings.

Finally, don’t neglect shapewear.  A great pair of shaping shorts, or Spanx is a must.  Have a bra fitting and find a strapless bra or convertible bra that fits and is comfortable. Try your dress on with your shapewear BEFORE the wedding.

JONET: Can you share what you’ve learned about finding balance between comfort and style for weddings?

REGAN: Think long and hard about your shoes and the venue. Many weddings are outdoors and nothing is worse than getting stuck in the grass with kitten heels, or worse, tripping and falling.  Block heel shoes are perfect for outdoor weddings and to help maintain your balance.

Comfort is so important too.  My FitFlops just don’t go with my dress for the wedding.  I invested in some Stuart Weitzman platform, block heels. The shoes cost about as much as my dress but was so worth it.  I have worn them on many occasions now.  Nude color is a MUST- goes with so much and makes you look taller. Don’t forget a blister preventer, such as PreHeels.  Bandaids are NOT a good look. Break in your shoes!!!!!!


JONET: What are your go to make up and anti aging products?

REGAN: For anti aging, the absolute best thing is hydration, and that starts with water.  Leading up to the wedding, make sure you drink plenty of water. Invest in a quality moisturizing lotion for your face.  You can find great products from Neutrogena, and Oil Of Olay in your local drugstore or Target.  You don’t have to spend a fortune.

Next anti aging must have, sunscreen. Nothing ages skin as much as sun damaged.  Many facial lotions have sunscreen in them, but I use additional sunscreen with spf of 50 or higher.  Look for products with Helioplex (Neutrogena) or zinc oxide (CeraVe).

Because the day of the wedding many, many, many pictures will be taken, you want to look your best the entire time.  Start with primers to help your make up stay put and last longer. I use MAC Prep & Prime on my face and lip primer.  Then build up. For makeup you want to stay away from products that are mineralize or that have a huge spf.  You will look shiny in the photos.  I use Mac Longwear, and for a more air brushed look, Dior Airflash Spray foundations and apply with a brush.


For eyeshadows, invest in a great palatte of different shades. Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Palette and Naked 3 have a wide vary of shades to create the perfect look.  Waterproof/sweatproof mascara and eyeliner are a must. Take your lipstick with you to the event for touch ups. But the MUST HAVE product is Laura Mercier’s setting powder.  It is the KING for giving you the photo perfect finish.


The best advice to give for make up is to treat yourself to quality products and go visit your local MAC beauty counter to learn how to apply them properly.  Take a friend to video it, and practice at home.

Regan In Her Own Words

I am a southern girl and you will find me in Birmingham, Alabama or at my beach house on the beaches of 30A in Watercolor, Florida.

I am petite, curvy, southern, and sassy. Having spent my years being Super Mom to my daughter and twins sons, now my house is empty and it is my turn to just be ME!.  I am taking the time to get healthy and fit. Love playing tennis with my “gal pals”, they are uplifting and encouraging, best therapy a girl could ask for. My darling husband and I are working on reconnecting and spending more quality time together.  We are dating again and this gives me the opportunity to dress up and feel special.  I have developed my own personal style and learning to appreciate my petite curves.

You can follow along on Regan’s fashion adventures at:

Website: Nifty 50 and Fabulous

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Pinterest: Nifty 50 Fabulous

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    1. Thanks Robyn! Regan truly had some helpful insider tips on what to do and not to do while dress/shoe shopping as well as makeup ideas for the big day.

      Thanks so much for your comment,

      Xo Jonet

  1. Great advice from Regan, particularly about wearing block heels and breaking them in. If there’s an evening event, jewelled flats are ideal and you can carry them in your bag.

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