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Fashion Series You’ll Love On Your Netflix App – 2017

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Do you like to binge-watch an entertaining fashion series on your Netflix app while flying or couch tripping?  We do!  Here are SheSpark editors’ top fashion series picks from around the world that you can download (do it before the plane takes off to avoid wifi fees) or stream from your Netflix app. The episode count is the number available on the Netflix app as of June 2017. Some of these series have a finale and others are just getting started!

velvet fashion series

Velvet (Spain)

54 episodes

It’s a 1950’s love story wrapped in silk, tafetta, and (of course) velvet.  An orphaned girl named Anna moves in with her uncle who manages a couture department store named Velvet in Madrid. While growing up in the store’s employee housing, she learns the art of sewing and fashion design and falls in love with the founder’s son Alberto — a societal faux pas that meets resistance from episode one. Heartbreak, scandal, laughter, loss and stunning costumes are found in every closet. And at least one man gets a sound slap to the face every episode or so for added drama. You’ll find yourself cheering for love and luxury fashion.

Miss Fisher

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (Australia)

34 episodes

Phryne Fisher is a self-proclaimed detective and way-before-her-time feminist who ruffles feathers in 1920’s Melbourne. Fisher is an heiress whose independence and rebellious nature (she frequents jazz clubs and is friends with an outed lesbian doctor) may be written off as rich-girl eccentricity, but this heroine’s smarts and matching wardrobe are sure signs of a woman who is colorful but sophisticated in worldly affairs. Oh, to raid Miss Fisher’s wardrobe— even her pistol is gold! Actress Essie Davis is 45 and proves that midlife women are as exciting and sensual as any 20-something. Just ask her male costars!

Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce (USA)

26 episodes

Couture? No. Historical costuming? Not even close. This series features modern-day, midlife women navigating the American media’s definition of beauty and fashion while raising kids and running a successful career. Storylines seamlessly incorporate the latest workout apparel for characters willfully planking their way to fit bods. The latest cocktail and date night fashions that show off the best breasts money can buy. Power outfits designed to intimidate male coworkers and clients who might otherwise overlook your abilities.  It’s all in the name of staying relevant as women age in new millennium LaLa Land.

The Crown (United Kingdom)

10 episodes

She’s 25, married to a prince, and the Queen of England. From the wedding dress in episode one to Swarovski’s replica coronation gown, you’ll be hooked on costume designer Michele Clapton’s (of Game of Thrones fame) meticulously designed wardrobe. Queen Elizabeth II and her royal contemporaries were 20th-century fashion icons for a reason. There’s a “stiff upper lip” that comes with the territory, where fabrics’ touch and quality reign— never would a royal resort to showing “skin” for any amount of attention. (This isn’t “The Royals.”)  Chin up and shoulders back when wearing your pearls and fur stoles, ladies.

Do you have a favorite fashion series on your Netflix app?  Please share it with us in the comments below!

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