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Reconciling Fashion, Earth Day, and A Guilty Conscience

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How do you reconcile your love for fashion and Earth Day? SheSpark is championing taking care of Mother Earth with our Earth Day Challenge.  Yet, in the back of everyone’s mind is  the question “How can I possibly have an effect on reversing the fashion industry’s reputation for being the second biggest polluter in the world?”

Don’t underestimate yourself or your influence! Over-40 women are catalysts for change– leading by example, purchasing based on values, and teaching our children to do things better than we did. Like switching from tanning beds to tanning lotions and bronzers. So how do we reconcile our guilt over loving fashion and beauty products with loving Mother Nature?

Here are videos with talking points that can alleviate your guilt through recognizing and avoiding common traps in modern fashion and beauty industries. And may every day be Earth Day as we discover more ways to look expensive without expense to our planet.

The Effects of Social Media on Fast Fashion

Our favorite fashionistas from Down Under (Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers) discuss the effects that social media is having on our attitude toward building a long-term, sustainable wardrobe. This is one to share and discuss with your fledging fashionistas.



How To Engage With Ethical Fashion

It’s a TEDx talk that’s worth the listen. Another expert from Australia, Clara Vuletich talks about not only what questions to ask about your fashion choices, but also advises international brands about what they can do to clean up their acts.  Knowledge is power.


The Future of Fashion: Functional Not Frivolous

Frances Corner focuses her TEDx talk on how fashion can be an agent of positive change. Look at cancer detecting bras or materials that clean the air while we wear them.  Take a look at the power we can carry on our shoulders with Corner’s insights.

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