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Every-Day Lingerie – Outside The Boudoir

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Naked Princess CEO and creative director Jordana Woodland offers her two cents on every-day lingerie activities. Shop these items and more at


Try wearing a lace bodysuit underneath your blouse.  You will feel sexy and confident from the moment you slip it on and carry that with you throughout your day.

office lingerie, naked princess
Office lingerie, Naked Princess

Date night

Whether it’s for you to know or your date to find out, a matching silk bra and panty is the way to go. There is something so sensual about silk that constantly keeps you in touch with your femininity.

date night lingerie naked princess
Matching date night lingerie, Naked Princess

Kids’ soccer game

Dress for the occasion and go with a strappy sports bra! There are so many styles out there from brands like Alo and Vimmia that allow you to look stylish and be supported while rooting your kids on the field!

Daytime lingerie, Naked Princess
Daytime lingerie, Naked Princess

Travel (getting comfortable on long flights is a challenge)

Leave the underwire at home! A modal or cotton bralette and boy short will keep you from squirming in your seat and ensure a relaxing flight.

Travel lingerie, Naked Princess
Travel lingerie, Naked Princess

There you have it!  Great lingerie ideas for women over 40 from the Naked Princess herself 🙂

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