Designer Spotlight: Emily Kuvin Talks Stars, Pop Art & The “Why” for Fine Jewelry

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The Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design “Stella Collection” caught SheSpark publisher Thea Wood’s eye on Instagram.  Why wouldn’t it? The designs have a “KA-POW!” factor that feels modern and energetic yet says “forever” with fine materials. This is the type of collection you’d see in the cases at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. Here is a taste of what Emily creates! emily-kuvin-earrings



In the first ever “Designer Spotlight” *video* interview, Thea asks Emily how her Stella Collection was conceived, its pop-art reference, and how the “Create Your Constellation” concept works (hint: it’s #OOAK inspired for women who like to build a collection). We also talk about the challenges and rewards of designing fine jewelry vs. costume jewelry. Emily is an over-40 designer whose creativity continues to reach for the stars, and we love her for it!




If you’d like to browse the collection, visit Emily Kuvin Jewelry Design or follow her Instagram feed.  If you’re looking for holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift ideas for the STAR in your life, you can’t go wrong with an Emily Kuvin design.

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