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Video: Dove Teams Up With Shonda Rhimes for Real Beauty

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We’re big fans of Dove’s on-going mission to help women celebrate their real beauty. They’ve taken it to a whole new level with the help of  Shonda Rhimes (she’s the 47-year-old showrunner for that little series called Scandal) as creative director for a series of short films created by Dove Real Beauty Productions.

The first film features body positive dancer Cathleen Meredith. Her dance group Fat Girls Dance became a body-positive modern dance movement when they began challenging themselves to learn, perform and record one dance a week for a year. “I feel so lucky to have worked with a powerful role model like Shonda Rhimes on such an important project – one I hope will inspire every other woman out there to define beauty for themselves,” says Cathleen.


We look forward to sharing more #RealBeauty works with you in the future and are rooting for films featuring over-40 women!

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