Designer Spotlight: Sarah Martin Bemrich Designs

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Sarah Martin Bemrich Designs

Age:  53

City: Dallas, Texas


SS: How long have you been designing jewelry and what motivated you to start?

SMB: I am part Magpie. If it sparkles, I like it! I have been designing jewelry since 1991. I started reselling jewelry in college (14kt and sterling) just for fun. I found a market for it. I am retired from Dentistry after 25+ years. We, dental people, are handcrafters. I used to park near a jewelry workshop in Dallas, and always stopped in to see their pieces. Soon, I began beading my own ideas; the instruments and techniques were very similar to dentistry. I wore my pieces, and my patients soon were my clients. I have had trunk shows, been a featured artist at The YO Ranch and at several Texas art galleries, been an in-house jewelry designer for a made-to-order bridal boutique, designed for several runway shows, and been featured in ElleUK Magazine’s March Fashion Week Edition 2016.

SS: We love the names you give each piece. Where do they come from?

SMB: My pieces are named for Texas traditions, cities, and my friends.

SS: What is your design process?

SMB: I start with a color story. It may be a designer telling me verbally what colors her runway show will feature, or swatches sent to me. Sometimes, it’s just an attitude of style or shape. I am best known for taking an idea and “running with it.” If the gemstones complement each other or make one hungry for sweets or a confection, I know I have a winner! I also draw inspiration from my minor in art history and commercial art. I have an out-of-print style book by Kate Spade that has the best color wheel.

SS: Where do you find the materials used in the jewelry?

SMB: I source my precious and semiprecious stones through our World Trade Market in Dallas, and I take great pride in using natural Texas Jasper and beautiful Texas topaz in my designs. I use vintage and antique chandelier prisms and faceted beads. My turquoise and coral are from US mines and lapidary. The findings are imported from Spain, Thailand, Italy, and Bali, and are all sterling silver.


SS: Do you take custom requests?

SMB: I worked as an in-house designer for a made-to-order bridal boutique in Ft. Forth. I would sketch a design based on a bride’s wedding colors, and create the jewelry for the entire bridal party. One special Texas bride was having her wedding at her Dad’s ranch. She wanted a bold statement necklace of turquoise, smokey topaz, pearls, and coral. She had 12 bridesmaids too. They all wore boots and eyelet gowns. This began the genesis of my most popular torsade, “The Cowgirl Tuff,” which was featured in ElleUK Magazine, March 2016.

My work at the bridal atelier extended to cotillion, prom, sweet 16, and any special occasion. I also have a men’s line. Most pieces are one of a kind, unless for an event, or even mother/child. I welcome custom orders and contribute to charitable auctions several times a year.

Going forward, I will be working on a new capsule collection using Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery, and enjoying the inspiration I receive from SheSpark!

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