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Designer Spotlight: ModernSage Jewelry Flies High on Etsy

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Modern Sage Designs jewelry designer Laura Noel signs her emails “Blue skies, Laura” with good reason.  She’s flying high on Etsy with a  jewelry collection created in her city of Erie, Colorado (about 5,100′ above sea level) and is a professional aviatrix. “An aviatrix is a female pilot! It’s not a common term, but it’s unique and catches people’s attention,” explains Laura.

About Modern Sage Designs Collection

Modern Sage Designs mixes natural stones with angular metal shapes that seamlessly come together for a down-to-earth minimalist vibe.  The prices are buyer friendly, ranging between $20 and $127 (US) with over 50 pieces to choose from. Many are one of a kind (#OOAK). One of her signature designs it the squared-top earring like the Petite Pebble Riverstone set below priced at $29 (US).

“I love angles, and everything angular appeals to me. I decided to play around with the square top design because of aesthetics, but found they are extremely comfortable and less likely to fall out of your ears,” says Laura.

modern-sage-designs earrings


You’ll also find aviation-inspired pieces like this “Love To Fly” necklace and “Chart Your Course” earrings.

modern sage airplane   modern sage compass earrings


About Laura Noel

While metal smithing has become a passion, we’re not sure if Laura is ready to quit the friendly skies. “I love aviation, and not only do I fly for fun but it’s also my career. I regularly fly a vintage two-place Luscombe built in the 1940s, and also a Boeing 737,” she explains. FYI, Luscombes were prop planes built between 1933 and 1950 with the goal of making planes for “the average man.”



“I became became a self-taught designer and jewelry maker in the 1990s and have changed and developed my work over time. I’m a relatively new metalsmith, and have just been delving into that art form in the last year or so. I started my Etsy shop to sell some of my designs at the request of family and friends who’ve been receiving my jewelry as gifts for the past 20 years.”

Follow Modern Sage Designs on Instagram, and you’ll see a feed filled with photos of happy clients rocking her designs for daily wear.

Laura is accommodating with things like necklace length, which she will customize for you with pieces like this “Rose Geometry Full Collar” necklace.

modern sage geometry


What trends does Laura embrace in 2018? “Two trends for 2018 accessories that everyone can try: resurgence of “gold” in jewelry (with gold hoop earrings and chunky chains being a big trend) and the scarf trend! Using scarves to accent everything from your neck to your bag is a fabulous trend, and allows for unlimited color combinations.”

We look forward to seeing Modern Sage Designs continue it’s evolution in jewelry design propelled by the sky high imagination of Laura Noel.


If you are a fashion/accessories designer or know of one who is a woman over 40, please submit your suggestions for a “Designer Spotlight” feature  in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.


5 comments on “Designer Spotlight: ModernSage Jewelry Flies High on Etsy

  1. Hi- I saw Laura’s feature (she’s my friend) and I am designer myself and would love to be featured in your designer spotlight. I wanted to make sure this is the right place to submit this? Per your above I think it is….but not sure! I can give you my information! Thank you!

    1. This is definitely a good way to let us know of your interest in the Designer Spotlight! Email thea @ shespark . com with your name and a link to your site. We’ll go from there. Cheers!

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