Designer Spotlight: Beauty And The Mess

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SheSpark’s Design Spotlight is a story of an artist’s travel and revelation. Beauty and the Mess artist Robin Emmerich received a vision while backpacking Italy. In Florence’s Costume Gallery, she fell in love with how Italians fearlessly bring beauty to every-day life and knew it was time to expand her art into resort wear.

The resort collection reflects Robin’s process of creating beauty through the messy, imperfect process of working with paint and canvas. She then prints her artwork on luxurious silk and chiffon, creating wearable art for whatever adventure awaits.

Beauty and the The Mess represents sisterhood, life about passion (not perfection), and giving back by supporting other women. A portion of each resort-wear purchase benefits EBW2020 Foundation to support the economic advancement of women around the world through access to education, community and technology.

Swimsuit Cover Up: $348 (get a 20% discount, promocode: SHESPARK)

Photo: Ingrid Vanderveldt (EBW2020), Robin Emmerich, Suzanne Court (Suzanne Court Catering & Events)

Photo credit: Jared Tennant,

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