Who’s Pissed Off? “The Death of the Angry Black Woman” Author Speaks Out

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Who’s pissed off? These days, who is NOT pissed off? We live in a tumultuous time when the pervasive anger that we feel both internally and externally is manifesting in crippling ways.  Road rage, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, melt downs, violent outbursts, addiction, shaming, bullying… the list of side effects is long and sordid. And it’s killing us.

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Death of the Angry Black Woman

Jameliah Young-Mitchell is a North Carolina pastor and author of The Death of the Angry Black Woman, an Amazon #1 New Release.  She took time out to talk with SheSpark’s Mind & Spirit editor Kim B. Smith in this audio interview about why people can be so quick to lash out and how we can cure ourselves of chronic anger. The “angry black woman” stereotype characterizes black women as aggressive, ill tempered, illogical, overbearing, hostile, and ignorant without provocation. It’s not fair nor is it the complete picture. Women of any color who don’t agree, conform, or react a certain way are called “bitches” or “lesbians” or “sluts” or “stupid.” No wonder women are pissed off!

But that anger can be our undoing, as Jameliah explains in this interview. Listen for tips on identifying why you’re angry and how to turn it around into a positive force for living a more peaceful, enjoyable life. Jameliah’s work resonates with her ~424,000 Facebook followers, and we think it will resonate with you.

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About The Guest

Jameliah Young-Mitchell is a unique and fearless keynote speaker from Charlotte, North Carolina with a focus in women’s empowerment, teen and youth mentoring, corporate America, and healthy relationships. As the Pastor of Unity Church Charlotte and the voice behind the popular Car Chronicles Movement on social media, she has worked to share her message of healthy self-empowerment with those who need it most. She is also the author of the best-selling book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman, an Amazon #1 New Release for Anger Management.

About Mind & Spirit Editor Kim B. Smith

kim smithKim Boudreau Smith is the CEO of Kim B. Smith Inc. and known for being a two-time international best-selling author/compiler as well as the founder and former CEO of Bold Radio Station. She is certified in coaching through the International Coaching Academy. Kim continues her personal and spiritual development through the practices of yoga and meditation.

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