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SheSpark’s Dating Slang for Midlife Singles

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Dating slang morphs through time– remember personal ads’ acronyms? Here are some of the more common ones that have popped up on the singles scene recently that we can all appreciate.


Instead of breaking up, you simply disappear. No call, no text, no “we have to talk.” For wimps.


Throwing an occasional bone (a flirtatious text or Instagram “like”) to keep someone interested even though you are noncommittal. We used to call it “playing games.”


Define The Relationship means you haven’t discussed your relationship status or can be a plea to get a status verbalized. Not to be confused with DTF (Down To F**k).


Facebook Official means you’ve changed your relationship status on Facebook for the world to see and comment. Yes, a ghost may break up with you this way.


Pretending to be someone you’re not. Bad idea because the façade only lasts so long. Warning: predators excel at this.


Showboating to attract a date. Bragging and one-upping both fall under this category.

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