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Dating advice: 7 Criteria for Newly Single Women Over 40

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Here you are, a single woman in midlife, are you ready to date? 
Whether you are new to the game or have been at it for far longer than you would like, dating in midlife is not always easy. The first question that new clients ask is, “How can I tell if I am ready to date?”

Before you jump back into this pool (and all the rules have changed by the way) how can you be sure you are ready to date?

And if you are ready to date, how can you tell if you are ready to meet your life partner?

How well do you meet the following relationship-ready criteria?

  1. You’ve “processed” your breakup – you are past shame and blame, you see clearly how this last relationship went sour and take responsibility for your decisions. If you are still blaming your ex for all he did wrong, you are not yet seeing your part in the situation and you will likely repeat a similar pattern in your next relationship.
  1. You have given yourself time to “re-collect” – you have taken the time to focus on loving yourself first. You value yourself as a woman – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, and see yourself as a real catch.
  1. You are looking to be with your ideal partner – you are not avoiding the prospect of being alone. Your motivation is love and not fear

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