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Crepey Skin Is Crepe-ing Up on Me

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By Audrey Stefanik (

One day at barre class, I noticed my knees.  They were hard to miss as I was bending over in a stretch, which put my face DIRECTLY in front of my knees.
And there it was, right above my knees: crepey skin.

Apparently, this has been slowly crepe-ing up on me.

What a load of crepe.  No amount of working out will fix it.  Swimsuit season is coming, which means showing off more skin.  To help me deal with all this crepe, I’ve started using INLIGHT Body Oil with Arnica.

This organic oil is PACKED with powerful, natural ingredients.  A little goes a long way, and the feeling of hydrated skin lasts longer than most lotions I’ve used.  That’s not really surprising when you consider just a few of the ingredients.

It contains arnica, a natural remedy derived from the arnica flower/plant, which has been linked to decreased inflammation and increased circulation.  In the world of homeopathy, it has long been used for healing.  The INLIGHT oil also contains jojoba oil, primrose oil, sesame oil, macadamia oil…the list of natural ingredients goes on and on.  Plus, it’s cruelty-free, vegan approved, and gluten-free.

I’m not saying this is a cure-all for my crepey skin, but it definitely lessens the look of the crepe.  Plump, moisturized skin makes crepe LESS PRONOUNCED.  The oil’s long lasting effects impressed me.  I’m sick of products that plump my skin for just a couple hours.

My favorite way to use this after a shower, AND BEFORE BED.  The oil contains patchouli, which means it has a strong scent.  Using the oil at night gives it plenty of time to soak in, and for the scent to soften.   Adding a few drops to my regular body lotion works well, too.

INLIGHT Body Oil with Arnica is helping me prepare for another over-40 swimsuit season.
Because I’m not going to let this crepe ruin my summer.

This product was provided to me as a PR sample for consideration for review.  As always, these are my honest thoughts.  If a product does not work well for me, I simply don’t review it.  To learn more about this oil, click here.  This is not an affiliate link, which means SheSpark does not gain any commission on sales.

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