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Conquering Anxiety & Depression By Designing Worn Intentions

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Conquering Anxiety & Depression

Relationships can rock our world, tear it apart and take us down a rabbit hole so darn fast. It doesn’t matter what relationship, friendships, colleagues, and or significant others.

Read how jewelry designer Amparo Rojas climbed her way out after her life was shaken up and turned upside down.

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Finding My Passion

I never knew what anxiety and depression until my life was turned upside down by someone I loved very much.


I was the person that would begin things but couldn’t take them to completion. I also admire others who were so passionate about their businesses and what they were creating. I knew I was missing passion in my life but didn’t know where or how to discover this in myself.

Amparo Rojas
Amparo Rojas of Worn Intentions


After attending a music festival a few years ago, I saw this woman wearing this beautiful necklace and learned it was made of gemstones and crystals. When I returned home, I dug in and googled gemstones, crystals, and how to make this necklace. I started to feel alive and wanted to do and really take this from beginning to completion no matter how hard it was.

Worn Intentions was born, and this was my baby. My missing piece of passion that I could share and help heal others through jewelry, crystals and gemstones. I was way out of my comfort zone because this time I was going to see things through. I had no idea at this point how much my jewelry was healing me and really going to support me through the tough time that lay ahead.

Anxiety & Depression Move In

Anxiety and depression weren’t in my world, but I have recently been introduced to them. After a many-year relationship fell apart, I did too. I could barely get out of bed, let alone get into my creative space to design jewelry for others. I literally lost myself, and I knew this is not me–  nor did I want to stay there. I was crumbling. However, thank goodness, I had a strong support system to help me move thorough this.

Between a Rock & A Shiny Spot

After a few months of living in this dark world, I started listening to this podcast from a retired Navy SEAL and through his words I heard: take ownership, extreme ownership, keep grounded, and success will come. I was discovering “me” and learning how I victimized myself, lost myself for someone else.  So I dove deep into meditation and yoga classes to help pull myself out of this dark space. I kept pushing to the point where I went into my studio, sat down, and all I could do was just touch my stones. About an hour went by and finally (after months) I could start creating again. I couldn’t stop playing and creating, it was like I lost time but found myself again.

I believe in surrendering, letting go, and breathing. Taking care of ourselves– and this is just want I had stopped doing. I was helping others do this through Worn Intentions, but I neglected myself until it all came crashing down. NEVER AGAIN!

Here are some questions I ask myself and this guides me through things:

  1. What do you want?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Where do you want to be?
  4. What makes me happy?

It took me a couple of months living in depression, feeling so unhappy. Slowly, I started with these questions, yoga, meditation and the most healing place: my crystals and gemstones. This was so surreal.

Worn Intentions bracelets
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I can now say to you I am back on my feet, working, feeling great, no medication, and walking my talk. A place where I know deep in my heart is my soul purpose.

I really want to help others through my jewelry. That is why I research the gemstones and the properties behind them.

Not only do I help others, but I help and care for myself first.

Since this growth I have been walking, I am shifting and becoming stronger. I am outgrowing friends and getting closer with other friends. The like-minded attract.

I am now able to take myself out on a date and not feel like the world is looking at me as a lonely woman, poor her. In fact, I am enjoying my own company for the first time in a long time. And I must say it feels FANTASTIC!

As I said, I never knew how Worn Intentions would help me through a journey, it was always for others. Now, I know I am on track!


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