Concealing under-eye circles

Video Tutorials: Concealing Under-eye Circles on Mature Skin

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Concealing under-eye circles isn’t easy, especially as we age and fine-lines and wrinkles get in the way.  SheSpark did a little research and found three popular Youtube video tutorials that address just this issue for women over 40 (or over 35 as the case may be). One solution does not fit all, so find out which one works best for you.  If you have a favorite video tutorial about concealing under-eye circles, please leave it in the comments so others can benefit.

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Pampered Wolf: Over 35? Stop applying under-eye concealer like a Youtuber! (8:04 min)

This is one of THE BEST tutorials ever posted about how to tackle those pesky under-eye circles. Not only is Wolf a natural in front of her computer cam, she is a qualified beauty therapist who knows her stuff.  There’s a reason why her channel has over 10,000 subscribers!



Destiny Lashae Makeup: HOW TO: Color Correct (Cover Dark Circles) – Dark Skin (2:49 min)

If you’re a woman of color, this tutorial from Destiny Lashae is  SURPRISING. But you’ll be very impressed with the end results.  The model is her mother, whose under-eye circles and bags are transformed by the video’s end.  If you try this technique at home, please post a photo and show us your results. We’re curious to see how it works for you!


Dominque Sasche: My Favorite Under-Eye Concealer Tips (8:51min)

“I get rid of the puffies with my peas!” We always love Dominque’s sense of humor and effortless elegance.  In this video she talks about not just an under-eye concealer solution, but how she preps her skin first (even the night before!) using drugstore beauty products. How cool is that?

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