5 Binge-Worthy Acorn TV Series About Strong Women

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What is Acorn TV?

We have to hand it to Acorn TV: It’s promoting binge-worthy series about strong women with much ado.  After watching these series trailers, we can honestly say that we’re behind this new British Invasion!

Acorn TV is a subscription streaming service featuring British, Australian, Canadian, Irish, and other international series.  It’s a lot like Netflix. You can access it on the web or (in the U.S.) via Comcast’s Xfinity TV.  Check out these trailers to see which binge-worthy Acorn TV series you’ll put in your queue. Heck, try them all!



“Food, love and infidelity in Cornwall” is how Acorn TV describes this drama. Leo Vincent (Iain Glen, Game of Thrones) is a successful chef who stole most of his recipes from his ex-wife Gina (Dawn French, The Vicar of Dibley), whom he cheated on for years. Now married to “the other woman” (Emilia Fox, Silent Witness), Leo is having another affair… with Gina. This series will make you hungry for more than just dessert…



The first season (6 episodes) is available right now for this drama about three old friends who find themselves together again in the wake of Linda’s (Phyllis Logan, Downton Abbey) husband dying.  From facing mortality to trying new “age-defying” procedures, you’ll get why this original series hits home.


Janet King

Janet King is intense.  A senior crown prosecutor, Janet King (Marta Dusseldorp, A Place to Call Home) returns from maternity leave and is thrust into a controversial case involving a senior-ranking police officer. As King makes connections between seemingly unrelated crimes, she unearths a scandal that could damn both the police and the judiciary—and put herself and her family in danger.


The Good Karma Hospital

Watch the trailer and you’ll know this is a five-tissue-an-episode series.  Tough hospital physician/administrator (Amanda Redman, New Tricks) schools a fledgling doctor (Amrita Acharia, Game of Thrones) on the ways of making a big impact with a little compassion. If you’re trying to “find yourself,” start here.



Recently debuting its 8th season to 6.3 million viewers, Vera follows the complicated, brilliant, and somewhat disheveled life of detective Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn, Pride & Prejudice). Plenty of murder and mystery surrounds Vera’s story line as she solves “unthinkable” crimes. You can view Seasons one through seven on Acorn TV.

For a full list of binge-worthy acorn tv series, click here.

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