Beauty Tips For Cancer Patients – 2017

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Beauty tips for women fighting cancer?
When I first read the email, I thought, “Beauty tips might be the LAST thing on a woman’s mind when facing cancer.”
Then I read on…

For women facing cancer, looking good is about retaining an empowering sense of self.

Empowerment!  At a time when a woman needs all the strength she has, every little bit of support helps in her fight.

Renata Marie Vestevich, creator of Essential Eyebrow Solution, knows this.  Her breakthroughs in helping individuals deal with the side effects of cancer, specifically hair loss, have boosted the confidence of many women going through cancer treatment.

She created a clinically-studied brow formula to PRESERVE eyebrow hair during chemotherapy, with more than 90% of users experiencing successful results.

Her science-backed formula works for ANYONE looking to achieve thicker, fuller brows.  If you’ve been thinking of trying an eyebrow serum, NOW is the time, because…

For the entire month of October – in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness – Renata is donating 10% of proceeds from sales to the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, a public service program that teaches beauty techniques to people with cancer.

Get Fuller Brows & Support A GREAT Cause

If you haven’t heard of Look Good Feel Better, you NEED to visit their website!  The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-esteem of people undergoing cancer treatment.  The program offers complimentary group, individual, and online sessions that teach beauty techniques to help people with cancer face their diagnosis with greater confidence.

Instructional Makeovers

Look Good Feel Better’s free workshops, run by caring, volunteer beauty professionals, teach women with cancer to manage the appearance side effects of treatment, including instruction to address

  • changes in skin
  • hair loss
  • nails care
  • wardrobe/styling to cope with weight gain or loss, and surgical changes

The makeovers, and the stories behind them, are truly inspirational – I couldn’t help smiling through tears.

Virtual Makeover To Try Different Looks

Essential Eyebrow Solution and Look Good Feel Better offer TANGIBLE ways to give support to a loved one as they face cancer treatment.
Helping women feel better about themselves, at a time when their confidence is shaken to its core…

There is no better beauty tip than that.

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