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Beauty Rules It’s Okay To Break

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Beauty Rules It’s Okay To Break

Sure, there are some beauty rules we should never question (wear sunscreen daily, remove makeup before bed and say no to smoking), but there are also a few that were made to be broken. From the war on greys to challenging traditional makeup combos, these are the old-school beauty laws you need to ignore…

Wash your hair every day

Believe me when I say it’s better to leave it for a day or two. That way, your hair has time to build up the natural oils that keep your scalp healthy and happy. Ironically, washing hair too often can dry it out.

bh tip: If you’re looking a little greasy between washes, a dry shampoo such as Klorane Oil Control Dry Shampoo with Nettle can work wonders.

Cover the greys

Sorry, who died and put the goddess of youth in charge? Grey hair is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, many celebs are embracing the colour and choosing to dye their locks grey and quite frankly, we’re digging it.

bh tip: If you decide to embrace your silver strands, you might want to consider switching your shampoo for one that’s specifically formulated for greys like the Avon Advanced Techniques Radiant Silver Shampoo.

Mascara is only for top lashes

If you read our biggest beauty trends of 2015 story, then you’ll know this rule ain’t gonna stick. How many times have you seen a woman and thought, “she’d look great if only her eyelashes weren’t so big and full”? Never? Thought so. The trick to the whole bottom lash thing…


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