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VIDEO: Balance Points and The Perfect Neckline

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Balance points may be the reason you hate a crew neck t-shirt or love a laureate necklace.  But most of don’t know why we like one and not the other.

Our friends Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers explain what balance points are and how to use them for the perfect neckline. You’ll look and feel more polished using balance points that complement your natural body architecture. Watch the video!

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About The Authors

Imogen Lamport is a certified image consultant and the founder of Academy of Professional Image in Melbourne, Australia. She’s the author of four books and creator of the “Absolute Colour System.” You can learn more about Imogen at Jill Chivers is a certified image consultant who is famous for her “Year Without Shopping,” which led to creating programs that help women with a “less shopping, more style” approach. You can learn more about Jill at

5 comments on “VIDEO: Balance Points and The Perfect Neckline

  1. Great info here. I don’t think I struggle with choosing which necklace to wear with what shirts; I’ve always just looked at it and thought, “This looks right.” And generally, for me at least, it is, and that’s probably because I believe I do have an eye for balance.

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