’80s Beauty Products You’ll Remember

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By Audrey Stefanik (cremescometrue.com)
Imagine a world with no Sephora.  No Ulta.  No social media.
If you grew up in the ’80s, you don’t have to imagine it, you lived through it!
I’m an ’80s survivor myself.  We didn’t have it easy.  We couldn’t search for beauty products and reviews online.  There were no makeup tutorials on YouTube.

In olden times, before the internet, we depended on magazines like Seventeen for the latest trends.

Once we read about that amazing product that would give us clear skin, we had to actually go out and buy it in a store.
Those were hard times for beauty lovers.

So what were we buying in the ’80s?  See how many of these you remember… and likely owned. 

If you wanted clear skin, you had to have Noxema.  There was nothing quite like that mentholated feeling on your face to let you know it was really working!

'80s beauty products

And if the Noxema wasn’t enough for you, you could follow it up with Sea Breeze!  The astringent that could strip every once of oil from your face.

'80s beauty products sea breeze

When it came to hair, bigger was better!.  We put A LOT of effort put into styling those giant ‘do’s, so you wanted it to stay put.  For that, you needed hairspray.  Specifically:  Auqua Net.  Cans and cans of it.

'80s products aqua net

If your bigass hair was having a bad hair day, you reached for a scrunchie and styled yourself a puffy ponytail.  Also popular was the banana clip, which gave you a sort of puffy Mohawk-like strip of hair down the back of head.  HOT!

Makeup was pretty simple then.  Purple eye shadow was all the rage, and there were tons of option for flavored lip products.  Anyone remember Kissing Potion?

'80s beauty products kissing potion

No ’80s girl left the house without a spritz of a signature ’80s scent.  For me it was Primo, the cheap Giorgio knock off.  #Classy

'80s beauty products primo

What were your favorite ’80s beauty products?  Join us on our stroll down memory lane by leaving a comment.

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