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7 Wardrobe Planning Apps: Readers’ Picks

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by Imogen Lamport, InsideOutStyleBlog.com

There are a number of outfit and wardrobing planning apps available so I asked my readers which they used and what they liked.   Here are their thoughts and experiences on some of the wardrobe apps currently on the market.

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ClosetSpace App


Helen: I use ClosetSpace on my Android phone and occasionally the computer. Its essentially an electronic wardrobe to catalog what you have.




Its available on the computer and in the Android app store, you can upload an image from your camera, from a saved image on your device or copy paste a url where the image is saved on the web. You can group items in a number of ways (colour, garment type, number of times worn and date last worn), create lists and outfits, code outfits according to event (e.g. work, evening), save outfits to a calendar date, and look at summary statistics like cost per wear and the colour of clothes/shoes/accessories you regularly wear. You can also ‘archive’ items which you aren’t currently wearing (e.g. winter coats).


When putting together outfits in the mobile app it shows up as more of a collage of your items – you can’t for example put the blouse you selected at the top of the picture and jeans/sandles underneath it. You also can’t preplan outfits in the calendar like some other apps but i get around this by making a ‘list’ of outfits. It’s also a bit of a time investment to initially photograph/find online images of all your items but I did it in stages and now it’s easy to update as I buy new things. ClosetSpace is also free, so it doesn’t have the advanced features some of the other apps have (e.g. background removal)

Get ClosetSpace from Google Play and iTunes

See Full List of Apps>>

wardrobe planning

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