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7 Tips for a Swipe-Right Profile Photo on Dating Apps

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“7 Tips for a Swipe-Right Profile Photo on Dating Apps” by Sharon Haver

Let’s face it, we live in a “swipe right” world online. And when it comes to a dating profile, as superficial as it may seem, you don’t want to risk being “left” out just because of an iffy photo. Research states that it takes under seven seconds to make a first impression in real life, and slice that down to instantaneous when it comes to making an impression online.

I have seven tips for a swipe-right profile photo based on my 15 year career in the photo industry as a fashion stylist so you can authentically photograph like the star you are.  

When it comes to swipe-right profile photo, dating sites report that more is merrier when it comes to receiving more inquiries from dating prospects and recommend four or more photos to best represent you. So weed out the photos that only a mother can love and hit a home run with these photo tips.


  1. Don’t misrepresent yourself.  

As fundamental as it may sound, you want to honestly show yourself off with photos that represent you being the best at being you. That means that you don’t want to look so insanely fabulous that you are unrecognizable as your real self. Be confident in who you are and let your personality shine through in photos.

  1. Keep it natural and not staged.

There’s nothing more weird than an overly posed photo or one that is so staged that it looks comical. Granted, you may not be a model and having your picture taken may not seem natural to you but avoid fussy, fake poses at all costs. Try having someone talk to you and have your picture taken as you respond or try out a few different poses and capture them using burst mode on your phone or camera so you’re not caught stiff holding one pose.

  1. Avoid an ancient photo.

Ah, yeah you look younger in a photo that’s five or more years old but going back to not misrepresenting yourself, you must look current. For most of us two years is enough of a stretch to use the same photos. And heaven forbid, you use school yearbook photos unless you just graduated and even then it’s still a bit odd. You may also notice that even though the photo is relatively new, your hair, makeup  and glasses look dated. Nothing like seeing yourself in photos to signal the update alarm on your style.

  1. Make it native.

Capture yourself in your environment so that the set and setting are native to you and not to your dream life. Don’t post a photo of yourself on a 100-ft yacht unless you own it, and don’t be so true to yourself that you show a pig sty around you. Keep the setting real and tidy up. Remember that it’s all about looking the best at being you, not someone else.

  1. Don’t cut someone out of a photo.

I get it, you looked fantastic on that great date and you want to show yourself off but cropping out someone from a photo not only looks weird but it makes the viewer think, “what the heck happened to that person?” You are the focal point of the photo so position yourself so all eyes are on you and not wondering about the missing person.

  1. Don’t creep out.

You know that photo, the one that makes you squirm… DO NOT let that photo happen to you! That means not looking overtly sexy, cheesy, or like a creepy ax murderer.  You want to come across as a lovely human being that someone would like to have a great conversation with over a cup of coffee- nothing extreme that screams TMI.

  1. Make it authentic.

As much as it’s wonderful to have photographs that look like that fell off the pages of a magazine, it also comes off as trying too hard to be liked. I mean really, do you want to date someone who hired a full on photography crew to “capture” them as they are?  It reads phony and tarnishes the know, like, and trust factor that comes with building a real relationship. Even in business, studies show that people relate to real photos.

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We live in a visual world and having great photos are key to standing out in any crowded market. So these dating photos of you can also be used on social media, on your website, promo material, book covers… whatever, as long as you remember that if it’s too much for any of the aforementioned, it’s probably too much to represent you as a potential date. Your success, your influence, your reach in whatever you do is directly connected to how you are perceived.

But how do you create real photos of yourself that show you as your best but are still authentic and relatable? I created the 30-page eBook How To Look Great in Photos that teaches you the 10 Key Ways to create a winning image without stress so you can confidently position yourself for success.  You don’t need fancy photo equipment, you just need the right attitude and techniques. Grab your free copy here: www.HowToLookGreatInPhotos.com


About The Author

swipe-right-profile-photo-sharon haver Sharon Haver believes that we all need to stand in out authentic star power to stand out in a crowded market with a lucrative look when you want to get you and your business out there. She is the founder of FocusonStyle.com, where she has been sharing her style expert and personal branding tips since 1999. Sharon is the host of the 7 Days to Amazing Podcast, and the author of StyleWORD: Fashion Quotes for Real Style, the ultimate cheat sheet to upgrade your look with beauty tips, style snippets, and fashion quotes for solid image advice and motivation to elevate your everyday chic style whether you need introductory stylist advice or a wardrobe refresher. Sharon and her work have appeared in the media nearly 1,000 times. She has 15 years of experience as a New York photography fashion stylist where she styled everything from Vogue covers to making polyester sweats look so good that you would actually want to buy them. She is a former fashion advice columnist on the Scripps Howard Newswire where her fashion advice was distributed to 400 newspapers each week.


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