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5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking in 2017

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5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking

by Thea Wood,

Ever thought about breaking fashion rules? Many women, especially as we age, are tired of hearing the plethora of Do’s and Don’ts of fashion.  That’s why I create style “guides” instead of style “rules” for my clients.  The word NEVER is avoided, and I even shy away from the word “should” these days.

Below is my fashion-rules-worth-breaking shortlist.


At a Style For Hire training, Stacy London told attendees that matchy-matchy (shoes and belts, for example) was a fashion no-no. One southern woman protested that opinion quite vocally. Regional preferences aside, there are plenty of modern options to match accessories that won’t spin you back to the ’80s.  The key is to incorporate textures and prints into the color story.

Style Tip: Vertical stripes elongate the body— matching top and pants are the killer combo.

Style Tip: Think of matching shoes/handbag as a “theme” and play it up with a funky design element on either the shoes or the handbag. More than two matched items can look like a walking ad, so edit (as Tim Gunn would say).

Style Tip:  Try sticking to one designer for a matched look is the easiest as their fabric dyes are the same and make it easier match. Online shopping is great for this as many stores don’t carry all the options that a designer offers.



break fashion rules
Old-fashion rules be damned!

Color Clashing

These are the color combos that grandma said to never wear together (blue and black, black and brown, off white and white, blue and green, yellow-green and orange, pink and red). Forget about it!

Style Tip: Try outfits where the most dominant color is in line with your color temperature. For example, if you are a sunset color scheme, make orange more dominant than electric blue.

Style Tip: Many color clashes are hard on the eyes due to color intensity. They can also wash out your face. Add your favorite neutral to “calm down” intense color combos.  Wear the outfit, don’t let the outfit wear you!


2 comments on “5 Fashion Rules Worth Breaking in 2017

  1. How about saying fuck the rules and doing what pleases you? Fashion is a beautiful lie designed for planned obsolescence. The machine can’t keep churning if we stop caring about what’s in and what’s out. There are no rules, except one, be true to yourself.

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