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Beauty Game Changer: Magnetic Eyelashes

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by Audrey Stefanik – Over-40 Beauty Blogger at

I’ve never worn fake lashes before.  Ever.  I’m scared of the glue and of the commitment I’ll be making if I’m actually able to get them on.  I also fear tearing out my own lashes during removal.  I’m chicken.

Then I found Magnetic Fake Lashes.  You guys, these lashes are amazing!!!

This is a true beauty game-changer for me.  In fact, my whole world has changed.  I can FINALLY wear fake lashes, and I wear them every chance I get now.  To the grocery store, to my kid’s tennis clinics, getting my oil changed…

Fake lashes make doing anything more FUN…and glamorous!

I did not try full lash strips, I bought the set called “Accent Lashes” and I apply them to the outer corners of my eyes.

A magnet on a top strip clings to a magnet on a bottom strip, sandwiching your lashes and  holding the strips in place.  Yes, it takes a little practice to put them on, but not much.  Each time I do it I get better at it.  It only takes a couple minutes for me now!


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