4 Highlighting Tips for the Over-40 Face

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Easy highlighting tips that beat contouring any day

by Audrey Stefanik (@cremescometrue)

We’ve all seen the facial-highlighting and contouring maps.  With layers of dark and light makeup, you can minimize certain facial features and highlight others.

But by following these maps, guess what else you’ll likely highlight:  WRINKLES. And that’s why I can’t with contouring.

Instead of layering on makeup, I focus on adding LIGHT to my face.  I’ve listed my four favorite spots on my face to highlight, and all my makeup favorites for brightening shadows and adding a hint of shimmer.


Based on the picture above, here are a few examples of what I’m talking about.

  • I can’t put white-ish makeup around my mouth.  My lip lines would literally jump off my face.
  • The heavy makeup under the eyes only serves to accent crepey skin for me.
  • The more layers of makeup I wear, the more it gathers in my lines, actually exaggerating them.

There are, however, a few tips I have taken from contouring maps.

Highlighting Tips: I look at where I can add LIGHT.

I have a few places on my face where I like to add a little light, lessening the shadows that have showed up with age.  For this blog post, I’m talking about adding some reflective properties…some shimmer.  I also have favorite products, because all highlighters are NOT created equal.

  1. Directly above my upper lash line
    Eyes sink deeper into sockets with age, so highlighting my lids brings them forward a bit.  It also provides a light backdrop for my lashes, making them “pop.”  I love light pink, shimmery shades for this.  My current favorite shade is “Unreal”  in the amazing Lorac Unzipped Palette (the shade the brush is pointing to in the picture.)  Lorac also sells shadows singles.  I wet a tiny brush or an eyeliner brush, get damp shadow on it, then apply the shadow as a liner just over the center of my upper lid.  It’s a very subtle look.  Choose any light color, like peach or gold, if pink is not for you.

See the photo gallery examples and three other highlighting tips at Audrey’s site CremesComeTrue.com.


About The Author

Audrey Stefanik is a beauty product reviewer and creator of CremesComeTrue.com. In her words: “This is a blog for 40-something’s, by a 40-something. I’m an average person, busy with a family and a job. I’ll never look twenty again, and that’s OK. I just want to feel good about myself, and that’s what these products do for me. When you feel good about yourself, you feel confident. And nothing is more attractive than confidence.”

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  1. I wonder if it”s the same formula as the one in the Highlight and Contour palette.though my banana powder looks more beige these days from being used to much. lol. Great reviewsounds like a great product. I seriously love the Contour and Highlight palette.so I can believe this powder is good too.

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