3 To Follow – Social Media Stars Over 40 (October 2017)

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“3 To Follow” is SheSpark’s favorite way to introduce you to over-40 women who are social media stars.  SheSpark editors love these ladies and you will, too! If you know of women over 40 who deserve recognition for their social media talents (blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest), leave her handle or URL in the comments. She could be in our next 3TF feature! 

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Meet this month’s social media stars

Who: Leah Damiani

Where: Royal Oak, Michigan

Follow: @leahsclosetroyaloak (Instagram)


Scrolling through Leah Daminani’s Instagram feed is like crashing a virtual party.  You’ll often see clients showing off their latest purchases from Leah’s Closet, a vintage store in Royal Oak. Colorful collections of clothing, jewelry, and art are regularly updated with fun facts about each. And Leah’s personal style sneaks in every now and again with fun photos from concerts to vintage expos in New York. How she describes her personal style?

“I would have to say my personal style is a mix of high end, low end, found objects! And my one best piece of advice for over 40s is to wear what looks best on you x 10!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ AMP IT UP!!!!!”


Who: Katreese Barnes

Where: New York, New York

Follow: Welcome 2 My House (YouTube)

katreese barnes 3tf

Meet our first 3TF woman who is a musical diva. Two-time Emmy winner (and Grammy nominated) Katreese Barnes created “Welcome 2 My House,” a live-streaming show created to feature today’s classic music artists. Katreese produces it from her living room in NYC– it’s a jam session with a true “house” band called ChamberFusic and special guests like Valerie Simpson (of Ashford & Simpson fame). The best part?  A super fan of the guest is invited to hang out during the session. Eventually, the sessions will happen *in* the super fan’s house. It’s enough to make a girl swoon.

“One of the reasons I created the show is my dissatisfaction of the lack of vehicles for organic pop, soul & country music. Artists who write great songs and don’t need digital enhancements,” Katreese explains. “Most of the time I’m meeting the artists day of show at 5 pm. We rehearse with ChamberFusic, and then we go live at 7 PM. Only great talent can do that.”

Who: Karen Kirkendall

Where: Norwich, United Kingdom

Follow: @dressed_to_the_forty_nines (Instagram)


Karen’s Instagram profile clearly states she’s a natural-born shopper, but more Debenhams than Dior.  Her style is comfortably chic and approachable. Her husband Steve takes a lot of her photos, and you’ll see her dog make the occasional appearance with sand and seaside scenes sprinkled in. Who wouldn’t want to have a cup of tea with Karen? How she describes her personal style:

“I would describe my style as classic with a High Street twist. When you’re  approaching 50, you know what suits you and the fashion trends that will and won’t work.”

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