3 To Follow: Social Media Stars (November 2017)

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“3 To Follow” features social media stars from around the world. These over-40 women (and occasionally media) inspire us with pictures and words that celebrate the positively ageless style of midlife women. This column is brought to you by Worth New York.

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Who: Penny Hill

Melbourne, Australia

Follow: @Pen_penElle (Instagram)

Minimalism fits Penny like a glove.  Her natural makeup and platinum hair work well with strong, simple lines that an over-50 model can rock.  We asked why she started her IG account:

“I found myself approaching mid fifties with plenty of youthfulness and a newfound freedom since my daughters entered adulthood. So I combined my love of photography, fashion, art and life itself as inspiration for an IG feed aimed at connecting with like-minded age positive people. I am constantly inspired by seeing so many women embrace their age naturally and do so with style and elegance… that is precisely my intent too. At a time when our culture makes older women feel as though they are invisible, what is more poignant than seeing mature women rocking that truly liberating era of their lives with complete confidence?!”

On what it’s like being an over-50 model, Penny said:

“I have only just embarked on this journey of being an over-50 model. Style is, without a doubt, ageless! So is beauty! Advertisers and brands are coming to recognize this and consumers are welcoming the move to more realistic representations by the use of relatable models. I’m so excited to be involved in what is proving to be a surge in awareness of diversity regarding age positivity and @SilverfoxMgmt are definitely at the forefront of this movement in Australia.”

michelle combs writer

Who: Michelle Poston Combs

From: Cincinnati, OH (USA)

Follow:  @RubberShoesInHell (Facebook)

Michelle Poston Combs writes adult, observational humor about the absurdities of life, aging, mental health, and menopause. She also writes about her experiences with being the adult child of a malignant narcissist. That being said, we can’t get enough of her quick wit and ease with tackling issues that women over 40 face.

Michelle contributed our most laugh wrinkle-inducing article of 2017: Most Googled Cosmetic Procedures? Humorist Michelle Combs Just Had To Ask!. Here’s a teaser about labiaplasty:

“How often is it necessary we examine our labias? I mean, if you want to, it’s your labia but if it makes you feel bad to look at it, just don’t. Anyone who will be looking at it is probably glad to be there and doesn’t mind a little extra flappiness.”

Who:  Anne Gumbi

Where:  Africa

Follow:  @winogumbi (Instagram)

We love this African fashion queen’s smile and spirit. Anne’s signature hashtag is #ProudlyAfrican, and you can tell from her Instagram feed that she walks the walk.  She’s not afraid of big colors and big accessories in her signature style.  An African head wrap and beaded belt with a jumpsuit? No problem!  From workwear to weekend wear, you’ll see a variety of inspiring ensembles where “BOLD” reigns supreme.

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