3 To Follow: Social Media Stars, May 2017

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3 To Follow is SheSpark’s favorite way to introduce you to over-40 women who are social media stars.  SheSpark editors love these ladies and you will, too! If you know of women over 40 who are crushing it on social media (blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest), leave her handle or URL in the comments. She could be in our next 3TF feature! 

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masha mcdonogh 3tfmasha mcdonogh social media stars

WHO: Masha McDonogh, 55

FROM: London & Moscow

FOLLOW: Instagram @YummyMasha

Masha’s feed will make you smile. Her warm humor, classic style, and infectious smile tell the story of a woman who brings a love of life to London and Moscow (she shares her time between cities).

“My style is colourful and fun, and by it I want to inspire other girls that 55 is just salad days!  I started my IG Miss Nifty Fifty page at the age of 55, and while replying to the comments I discovered my major talent, which I never knew I had— making very funny memes! So a new career is starting from it now and my main project is @likemyfunny on Instagram, and I aspire to be the Meme queen : -)

Which may be also inspirational, here is to hoping.”

(photo credit: Anja Womso)

@thevelvetsparkle social media star


WHO: Josepha Cassis, 50

FROM: Alexandria, Egypt

FOLLOW: Instagram @thevelvetsparkle

Josepha is a makeup artist who could easily start a professional modeling career at midlife. From chic mediterranean ensembles to “show it like it is” mud mask treatments, the camera always seems to capture her in the best of light.

“I’m 50 years old, aging happily… I dress not only to impress but to express myself and my femininity. I would express my style as ageless as I go from casual to glamorous.”

(photo credit: daughter Malak El Yamani)

@lorrainecladish social media star

WHO:  Lorraine C. Ladish, 53

FROM: Sarasota, FL

FOLLOW:  Instagram @lorrainecladish

If you’ve ever doubted that taking up yoga could be fun, Lorraine will wash all those dark clouds away. Ocean-side poses, sun dresses, uplifting memes, and the occasional backbend will make you a believer in the power of healthy living.

“I share my passion online because I feel that passion and joy for life are contagious. I suffered from clinical depression and at eating disorder with I was very young. I would love others to know that there is life on the other side of that. It takes daily practice and persistence, sometimes medication. But it’s not impossible to overcome.”

(photo credit: Phillippe Diederich)

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