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3 To Follow: Social Media Stars

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3 To Follow is SheSpark’s favorite way to introduce you to over-40 women who are social media stars.  Click each “follow” link to see their unique offerings and, of course, follow them!

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Cheryl Tucker

Cheryl Tucker


Where: Mountains of Idaho

Follow: @northwestmountainliving

Cheryl personifies a dreamy mountain getaway with her easy-breezy stylings that are like a breath of fresh air. She’s building quite a niche inspiration portfolio for women who appreciate a comfortable yet chic daily wear.  “For me, personal style is the quickest way to convey who you are and what you want without words. It’s like looking into a pond and seeing your reflection, your artistic soul.”


Tamara Beardsley

Tamara Beardsley

Where: Orange County, CA

Follow: pinterest.com/tamarabeardsley

Tamara’s Pinterest page is addictive.  Old and new Hollywood starlets, designer photo shoots and Beverly Hills style style pics, luxury ocean-side living. You’ll want to vacation with this woman!  “I describe my personal style as ‘Sporty Glam … with a penchant for the dramatic.’”


Catherine Lawdanski

cathy lawdanski

Where: Houston, Texas

Follow: MySideOf50.com

From fashion to family to book reviews, Catherine’s blog is full of useful and entertaining content for midlife women who often hear too many negative things about aging. “Getting to write about these topics and connecting with other women who say ‘Yea, me too!’ makes this the most fun and rewarding job I have ever had!”

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4 comments on “3 To Follow: Social Media Stars

  1. I love all of these ladies!!
    In fact Cheryl was my Fierce 50 sister when the Fierce 50 Revolution started. And Cathy is in my mastermind group for our blogging class!!
    I’m hopefully going to meet Tamara when we go out to LA at the end of the month for the Fierce 50 party!!

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