3 To Follow: MD Podcaster, Plus Size Model, & Swedish Lifestyle Blogger

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3 To Follow Sept 2018

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3 To Follow — Over-40 Social Media Stars August 2018

Heather Hirsch, MD

Who: Heather Hirsch

From: Columbus, Ohio

Follow: Podcasts 

Dr. Hirsch started her Health By Heather Hirsch podcast this summer with a mission to expose the gaps in women’s health care and reach women across the globe. Her first podcast: “Menopauses 101” reflects her dedication to midlife women’s specific health concerns. “I became a menopause and women’s health specialist when I saw during my fellowship how significant the gap in care for women is in midlife and menopause, (among others), and couldn’t sit back and watch women suffer in silence anymore.”

We’re with you, sister!

Heather says the most common complaint she hears is “I simply don’t feel like myself anymore,” which can mean different things to different women. Lack of sleep, weight gain, losing their libido or hair, suffering from mood changes like anxiety or depression, hot flashes, body image issues, the development of co-morbidities and chronic diseases, or just pure confusion about what the heck is going on with their mind and body during this transition.

What’s the best thing an over-40 woman can do to improve or stay in excellent sexual health? 

“Use a vaginal estrogen! Common examples are Estrace, Vaginfem, and Premarin. Vaginal estrogens do not get absorbed systemically, so they care very little, if any, overall risk. As a woman transitions from perimenopause to menopause, the pH of the vaginal changes, which decreases lubrication, increases UTI’s, and causes pain during intercourse. As libido commonly also decreases at this time, if you have pain during intercourse there is very little motivation to engage. However, the pain can be entirely avoidable with vaginal treatments!”

(These statements are not a medical directive. Always consult your physician about the best treatment for any health issues you may be experiencing.)  



Who: Michele K Caprio

From: Mount Laurel, NJ

Follow: Instagram, Blog


“My dream is to be a plus size model… It all started with with Paperdolls and Barbie Dolls when I was a little girl,” shares Michele Caprio. Her mother gave her a sewing machine for Christmas and her Barbie got a makeover. “Then when I turned 16, I enrolled myself in a modeling school with money I earned babysitting. My dream was to model the clothes that I created. I felt at home on the runway. It gave me a higher self esteem and boosted my confidence.”

But Life took Michele in a different direction and she became an interior decorator.  She’s now retired from that 25-year career and now has the time and opportunity to pursue her original dream.

Her advice to any woman who wants to become a model? Determination, tenacity, know how to network and NOT give up, stay creative, and create your own brand.

Michele’s favorite 2018 fashion trend is jumpsuits. “I sewed a Sparkly Blue knit jumpsuit with a detachable long flowered skirt for my senior prom in 1972. One of the things about that I love about fashion is that it will always repeat itself! And thats what makes it FUN!”



Who: Jenny Ivarsson

From: Sweden, living in Zürich, Switzerland

Follow: Instagram, Blog

“I am trying to live by the motto: buy less and choose well, (meaning fair and sustainable labels), but not always succeding…”  Jenny Ivarsson is a genuine fashionista who gets involved with her friends and followers by organizing events like a tour of the “Fashion Drive” exhibit at Kunsthaus Zürich. Online, she shares #OOTD posts created by commingling new and old things. Her blog focuses on styling inspiration in fashion and interiors, travel tips and thoughts on healthy living.

Her latest update? “Yesterday I visited the Zürich Film Festival again and got to see Judi Dench in person!” The festival featured Red Joan,  an upcoming British drama film, inspired by the life of Melita Norwood, the KGB’s longest-serving British spy. The film stars Judi Dench and Sophie Cookson, and is directed by Trevor Nunn.

“I am a Swedih woman in her mid 40’s who has spent more than half her life in Switzerland but still feels magically drawn to anything Scandinavian,” Jenny excitedly reports. “Living in Hawaii for almost a year (two times for six months) has taught me ‘Aloha’ (i.e. not to take myself too seriously and the beauty in supporting others).”

Tack Så Mycket!

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  1. Great to discover more inspiring women. I’m trying to follow Jenny’s approach of ‘buy less and choose well’ too, although it’s not always easy.

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