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3 To Follow: A FocusTV Host, An Ageless Italian, A Polish Designer (All Social Media Stars)

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3 To Follow — Over-40 Social Media Stars August 2018


michelle gillette

WHO: Michelle Gillette

FROM: Sherman Oaks, CA (Los Angeles)

FOLLOW: Instagram, Web site,

After experiencing her own revitalization, life coach Michelle Gillette accepted an offer to appear on FocusTV with host Janet Gunn to talk about her work in supporting women over 40. That interview turned into a full-blown working relationship, and Michelle found herself hosting her own show. The biggest challenge? “Learning to become more comfortable on camera– which I was not at first!” You’d never know it as interviewing people is now one of her favorite things to do.

So what issue does Michelle encounter most frequently when coaching midlife women? “It would have to be a tie between brain fog, fatigue and/or weight gain — which, as it turns out, can often be solved by the same modality: utilizing a holistic, functional-medicine approach to an individualized lifestyle plan. While it may start out with a ‘one size fits all’ list of best practices (i.e. recommended superfoods or exercise guidelines), careful consideration needs to be taken to address each client’s personal, individualized health… There really is no ‘one size fits all’ plan since we all have our own bio-individuality, so I think that is the thing that women most need help with addressing: narrowing down what does and does not work for them, individually,” explains Michelle.

Michelle also thinks the most impactful mind/body/spirit trend for aging women is optimal brain health. The increased interest in brain health is inspiring some groundbreaking research and resultant lifestyle advice that I believe can go a very long way in preventing (and in some cases even reversing) some neurodegenerative decline… I see my purpose as being a conduit to help share research, tips and lifestyle choices that help support better brain health, especially for women.”



WHO: Simonetta Bonetti

FROM: Rimini, Italy

FOLLOW: Instagram, Web site, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter

Happy birthday to Italian fashionista Simonetta Bonetti, who celebrated her 52nd birthday this month! What you’ll love about Simonetta and her “Your Style Over 40” theme is her comfortably chic approach to daily wear– from running shoes to sequin skirts, she’s got her pulse on what flatters for any occasion. True to her Italian sensibilities, she embraces colorful prints and textures, which many women feel is difficult to integrate into daily wear. In that case, you can shop her looks for an easy fashion boost. Plus, her web site is in English *and* Italian so you can practice the language before your next trip to Italy!

Simonetta explains why she started an #OOTD Instagram feed: “The first approach to IG was to driving traffic to my blog, but as soon as I became more confident with taking pictures I realized that I could use IG to post my daily fashion tips and inspiration for over-40 women. Every picture reflects my personality and my philosophy based on effortless elegance, mixing styles to create balanced looks.”

Simonetta’s go-to outfit? “I like wearing knee-length dresses, so practical and elegant, I usually pair them with special necklaces and embellished sandals that make the whole look stand out. As the days become cooler I also go for dark blue jeans, which I wear with very feminine and refined items like the silk top and coloured scarves… On special occasions I usually choose the long dress, which I spice up with one of my favourites, the biker jacket.”


margot douglas
credit: Claudia Douglas

WHO: Małgorzata (“Margot”) Douglas

FROM: Katowice, Poland

FOLLOW: Instagram, Web site, Facebook

Margot Douglas’ “I Am Every Woman” web site and social media mantra is on point. Her photos depict an eclectic style that over-40 women can relate to no matter where they live with blog posts in both English and Polish (we’re very bi-lingual in this column!). Better yet, she designs and makes (including patterns) many of her featured pieces without any formal training.

“Yes, I do make most of my clothes, and not only clothes – I decorate shoes, make my own jewellery, hats and bags. I often buy fabrics in local shops (there are quite a few of them around) or alter my old clothes. Sometimes I go back to my Mum’s or Grandmothers’ treasure boxes 😉 and find outfits which I alter and change into more contemporary ones. Unfortunately, my family loves storing and keeping things forever. Quite helpful when comes to making things; a nuisance when you think how much space all these things take.”

So, when designing and wearing your creations comes naturally, what is your favorite choices for daily wear? “On daily basis I definitely wear trousers – from torn jeans (most probably my number one ), wide leg ones, and chinos to smart linen and suit-like men’s cut. I love them because it’s easy to create something new every time. With different shirts and tops, I can create a unique look with not too big effort. In summer, though, I absolutely love dresses and romantic skirts. The movement of fabrics and bright or floral patterns allow to feel feminine and pretty.”

If you or someone you know is an over-40 woman who inspires and supports women through social media, let us know! Send us an email today with the subject “3 To Follow Nomination” for consideration.  We’d love to hear from you.



6 comments on “3 To Follow: A FocusTV Host, An Ageless Italian, A Polish Designer (All Social Media Stars)

  1. Thank you so much to feature me in your 3 To Follow 🙂 . It’s been a a fantastic surprise to have been spotted by you and then published. Thanks again 🙂
    Kisses – Margot 🙂 )))

  2. I love seeing real people embracing their call and going their thing. I love learning about their style 😍. These women are inspirational and at 40, still have it going on. They are magnificent and are great models to follow.

  3. Thank you for having featured me! I’m so happy for the interview. You couldn’t find better words to describe my style and my blog. I also started to follow some bloggers you suggested in this column and find interesting tips.

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