3 Reasons To Binge Watch GirlBoss on Netflix

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3 Reasons To Binge Watch GirlBoss on Netflix

by Thea Wood, TheaWood.com

I’m a sucker for shows that integrate fashion into the storyline, which is why I raised an eyebrow when “GirlBoss” popped up on my Netflix menu.  Little did I know that the “loosely-based” true story of a 20-something selling old clothes online would pull me in so completely.

NastyGal.com founder Sophia Amoruso wrote the book #GirlBoss in 2015. It chronicles her rise from dumpster diving in San Francisco to turning her eBay vintage clothing resale idea into a $100+ million online retailing site with 350 employees. The series taps into the experience, which is pretty exciting but not always pretty.

So, why would a woman over 40 want to binge watch GirlBoss? Here’s why:

1. Many of these so-called vintage clothes came straight out of my junior high and high school yearbook photos (late 1970s to 1980s).  Do I consider myself vintage? NO!  But it’s pretty cool to see high-waisted bell bottoms, jumpsuits and satin baseball jackets and think that there are so many young women who are buying and wearing them! It’s like a stroll down memory lane.  The cameos of couture delights just add to the eye candy.

2. GirlBoss is a woman-run production. Charlize Theron, 41, optioned the book and is the series’ executive producer. She teamed up with Kay Cannon, 42, of “30 Rock” and  Pitch Perfect films fame to create a female-centric series. Britt Robertson plays Sophia and Ellie Reed plays her BFF Annie. Did I mention Rupaul? He falls into the “male” category this time around. One Hollywood exec said there were “too many girls” and Charlize responded, “And your problem is?” #LikeABoss (source: EOnline.com)

3. I find Sophia immature, impatient, irreverent, and a sometimes intolerable.  Just like I was in my 20s. What’s endearing about her age and related qualities is that she’s also a dreamer. Ambitious. Creative. The possibilities are endless and exciting! Sophia’s not yet jaded by years of corporate suppression and naysayers who may mean well, but eventually squash an entrepreneurial spirit into dust. Those nasty influences emerge in season one, as do personal childhood experiences that help you understand Sophia on a more sympathetic level.  Yes, there are failures both professionally and personally.  There are also moments of clarity and growth that prove our failures do not have to define us. This was just the first season, so we’ll see how her character develops moving forward.

Where one door closes, another opens.  In 2016, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy and was bought by British-owned Boohoo group. Amoruso went on to create GIRLBOSS Foundation to inspire entrepreneurial women and offer grants to women with creative projects.

Purchase the book #GirlBoss from Amazon.com HERE.


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