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3 To Follow – April 2017

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3 To Follow

SheSpark’s most popular feature introduces you to rising stars who inspire and support women over 40 on social media.  This month, it’s all about breaking the rules and women who don’t let convention tell rule their fashion choices.


Suzi Grant

WHO: Suzi Grant

WHERE: England

FOLLOW: @AlternativeAgeing

Suzi Grant was a chain smoking, hard drinking reporter/presenter in TV & Radio for most of her working life. When her mother died of a heart attack at the age of 63, Suzi decided to take stock of her health.  She started her Alternative Ageing Blog in late 2014 to share all the things she loves and knows about: health & nutrition, fashion & style. Top tips on looking good and feeling great, whatever your age. She calls it Positive Aging!




WHO: Andrea Schatzl

WHERE: Austria

FOLLOW: @one-year-0f_style

Andrea’s original idea of one_year_of_style was to document her wardrobe, She started in August 2015, posting one picture a day of her every-day style on Instagram. After 365 posts (not one day left out), she realized that only about two-thirds of my wardrobe was documented and decided to continue! Her advice? “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!”



Kelly Boler

WHO: Kelly Boler

WHERE: Wales

FOLLOW: @Fedoras.And.Pearls

Kelly’s day job as a book artist takes her all over the world looking for antique books and paper.  It’s no wonder she’s enamored with vintage pieces from the 1890s to 1940s. She stocks up on French corset covers, 1930’s neckties, bijou brooches from the ‘50s, cartwheel hats, and second-hand Armani– and isn’t afraid to raid her husband’s wardrobe! Rule to break: “I think I can be dapper and pretty at the same time, so I rarely hesitate to borrow from the guys while maintaining the feminine prerogative.”

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