2018 top style tips

2018 Top Style Tips from Over-40 Fashionistas Worldwide

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2018’s Top Style Tips is the year-end installment of SheSpark’s Fashionista Spotlight column. A big “THANK YOU!” to Jonét Wooten of FabulouslyChicOver50.com for curating the best of the best from midlife women who lead by example when it comes to embracing positively ageless style.


It all began with a burning curiosity; are the hottest trends in New York desired by women from Denmark to South Africa?  I had no idea, but was determined to find the answers.

So we packed our virtual bags as a tribe, and set off on world-wide style and fashion adventures, meeting new fashionistas at each fabulous destination along the way.  Each stylish beauty, allowed us into her closet, if you will, sharing insider ideas on everything from dressing for your body type, to creating your very own signature style.  It’s been a fascinating ride, to say the least!

We’ve introduced you to successful international models, Hollywood insiders, certified fashion stylists and popular midlife fashion bloggers.

Without further ado, here are but a few of our SheSpark (by way of She’s Got Style) fashionistas.

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julie bee fashionista spotlight

Today’s She’s Got Style global fashionista embodies the true meaning of the term girl boss, succeeding in a big way in Hollywood, traditionally thought of as a man’s domain.

Julie has been a major player in Hollywood for over 25 years and was kind enough to share a few of the styling tips she’s learned from stars like Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, and Reese Witherspoon in our interview.

“Monochromatic looks good on everyone, but my favorite casual chic Hollywood styling trick is the “Column of Color.” I’ll wear a dark-colored top and pant, then a light-contrasting colored blazer over, creating a column of color, making me look tall, lean, and commanding.” —  Julie Bee



mariana raquel over-40 fashionista

This Argentine beauty is now more than a decade into her “dream career” as a fashion stylist in the United States. Mariana works with clients ranging from high-profile celebrities to soccer moms!

“Fashion must-haves: a great fitting black dress, great fitting jeans, and statement jewelry. But if I had to narrow it down to my one fashion staple that can be found year round in my closet, it’s at least one high quality blazer/jacket.” — Mariana



Elena Fashionista
Elena Fashionista

Elena is one bright, stylish cookie with not one, but two masters degrees (Engineering and Economics)!  This sharp-dressed beauty later went on to earn a Fashion Stylist degree too.  Talk about brains and beauty!

“I definitely become more brave in choosing the clothes and accessories for my looks as I get older. Now I wear everything that fits me, in my opinion. I don’t pay attention what other people say about my looks. I stopped being afraid of fashion experiments and trying something new.” —  Elena



over-40 fashionista roxanne gould

Roxanne, a stunner who has worked with fashion designers like the fabulous Christian Siriano (fitting Rox in one of his designer gowns above) finds herself booking more modeling gigs than ever. She’s graced the cover of Vogue Magazine Paris and now divides her time between modeling, a self-esteem coaching business and her own all natural beauty line! She shares tons of style and beauty tips with us in our interview, as well as advice on becoming a model… yes, at any age.

“I’ve had two European agents within the last month approach me asking if I wanted to be represented by them So, if some of your readers are considering a career in modeling, now is the time to give it a try.” — Roxanne




If you’ve not had the opportunity to “meet” Paula, please allow us to introduce you.  This lovely blogger embraces her curves, going grey and adding candles to the cake with humor, sass and style. We loved the tips she shared in our interview, and hope you will too.

“I keep thinking that the more we see imperfect, un-retouched bathing beauties in swimsuits we would realistically wear, the more that becomes the vision of accepted beauty in our own mind’s eye.”  Paula



fashionista spotlight eugenia hargrove

Next up, our kind and elegant fashionista, Eugenia who manages to set the bar pretty high for business wear and getting gussied up.  I’d ask Eugenia to put together a look for me any day, darling!

“I follow a few universal themes:
🌸 Know and dress according to your body type
🌸 Dressing in one color elongates you but don’t be matchy matchy with shoes and accessories
🌸 V-neck looks great on everyone
🌸 Unless a midi/maxi style, wearing dresses length to middle of knee is flattering
🌸 Pointy-toe heel elongates the leg.” — Eugenia



angie weihs

Our final and fabulous She’s Got Style Global Fashionista of the series, is the exuberant, joyful, free-spirited Angie.  She’s a stylish published author, originally from Germany who now resides in sunny California. Her zest for all things art and fashion is sprinkled throughout her irresistible playful looks and her contagious love of all things fashion is absolutely contagious. Angie not only shared her recipe for creating your own personal style in our interview, she reminds us to live life and style to the fullest.

“We don’t grow old, we grow – exponentially.” — Angie



renia fashionista spotlight promo 2

Our fashionista Renia, from merry ole’ England, believes fashion is limitless, and regardless of our age we should have as much fun with fashion as we want.  We agree and are thankful that Renia shared with us her styling tips in our interview.

“Choose one item of clothing, or accessory (something that you love) and add it to all of your outfits – this is how I create my signature looks.” —  Renia



German Image consultant, Martina, likes to make her outfit choices depending upon her mood and where she’s headed. Sometimes classic elegance, maybe tomorrow a little casual chic and tonight, something rather extravagant!  A woman reserves the right to change her mind, right?

Martina gives style and image seminars and considers her primary job to remind women just how beautiful they truly are at any age!

“In my seminars it comes to optimizing the existing beauty. Because every woman is beautiful!”  Martina


Fashionista Spotlight is brought to you by InsideOut Style. International image consultant Imogen Lamport provides easy style and beauty tutorials and solutions for every woman.

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