2018 fall fashion trends

2018 Fall Fashion Trends from the Big Four: New York, Paris, London and Milan

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The northern hemisphere is still basking in the sun, so it may seem a bit early to delve into 2018 fall fashion trends. Yet, Vogue is masterfully marketing its colossal September Issue with none other than Beyoncé on the cover.  Anna Wintour continues to excel at creating the biggest fashion buzz, even in the wake of rumors that she’ll be leaving the magazine (and her position as creative director at Condé Naste).


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The fashion industry’s seasonal cycle is way ahead of Mother Nature when it comes to showcasing new seasonal trends, so last Spring’s runways featured what you’ll see popping up in store windows over the next few weeks. We pulled highlights from the Big Four Fashion Week shows: New York, Paris, London, and Milan. What better way to add international flare to your wardrobe this season?  Watch each video to see a full list of trends for each city.

We’re happy to report that many of these trends are over-40 friendly. Not one model toppled to her shame in a pair of  7-inch stilettos, and no wardrobe malfunctions from plunging necklines or super-extended skirt slips (though you’ll see a few paired with hosiery).


2018 Fall Fashion Trends – New York

Enormous statement earrings (the bigger, the better, ladies!), full-length puffer coats, brightly-colored hair, animal prints, and ’80s-style menswear blazers.


2018 Fall Fashion Trends – Paris

Natural, day-friendly makeup, strong shoulder lines with form-fitting waistlines, and high pointed collars.


2018 Fall Fashion Trends – London

Mixed plaids, things that shimmer (including makeup), rainbows, and ruffles. The editors and designers seem to think they’re ahead of other cities.  What would the other big three say?!?


2018 Fall Fashion Trends – Milan

SPARKLES! Big belts cinched tight, creative pleating and pin tucks, boots with *everything* and rich colors mixed with earth tones.

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