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2017 Women’s Health Survey Asked: “Do You Love Your Body?”

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A 2017 Women’s Health survey asked women around the globe what they think about their bodies and where the media/fashion industry is falling short.  Here are some of the top line results.  We’d love to read your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.


When asked what would make them feel *more* confident naked:

Being toned (73%),

Losing weight (48%). 

When asked the best way to describe their feelings about their bodies, the majority of women answered “accepting.”

62% say accepting – I may not love my body, but I accept it.

23% say negative – I’m really unhappy with the way my body looks.

15% say positive – I love the way my body looks.

Women said they looked better dressed (65%) than naked (5%). Thirty percent said they looked good both ways.

Some things haven’t changed much, even with the major body positive movements sweeping the planet. In 2017, 83% of women surveyed said they want to lose weight– the same percentage as in 2013. The number of desired pounds lost (6 to 10 lbs.) also remained the same from 2013.

women's health
Women’s Health September 2017 issue

Two-thirds (68%) of U.S. survey respondents said that they think they’re beautiful. Here’s how other countries compared:

Latin America, 84%
Greece, 82%
Turkey, 79%
Brazil, 79%
Netherlands, 78%
Russia, 78%
Germany, 75%
South Africa, 72%
Spain, 72%
U.S., 68%
Australia, 63%
Sweden, 59%
U.K., 50%
Poland, 49%

When asked which body type deserves more prominence in media and social media, the majority (68%) said “in-between-size-bodies – say, size 8-12.” With new studies like this one from the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education showing that the average size of an American woman is now between a 16-18, there’s a demand for real women of all sizes. Here’s what else respondent’s want to see:

Post-baby, 38%
Petite (below 5’4″), 33%
Athletic with super-toned muscles, 33%
Small-breasted and plus-size, 30%
Busty and plus-size, 27%
Post-weight loss, 25%
Tall (over 5’10”) but not model-thin, 24%

Full survey results are available here, or inside the September Global Naked Issue of Women’s Health featuring Sophia Vergara as the cover woman.


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