2017 Top Style Apps

2017 Top Style Apps For Women

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by Rachel Nachmias, founder of BestDressed.com

Rachel Nachmias

SheSpark asked Rachel Nachmias (a professional image consultant and author of “The Face of The Business”) which style and shopping apps she recommends for our sisters in style.  Here’s her short list of 2017 top style apps:





stylebook app icon






This app is a game changer for your personal style. Basically, it’s a place where you can catalog your entire wardrobe and then make outfits, just like what Cher had in the movie Clueless. Because having a catalog of what you own at your fingertips is so powerful, I literally make all my clients download it and sometimes bring an assistant to their house to help me get their catalog up and running. Don’t just download it, USE it. Download it now from iTunes.

stylicious app icon






I’m cheating, because this app is so similar to Stylebook (admittedly not identical, but I like it for the same reasons). The real beauty here is that Stylicious, unlike Stylebook, is available for Android. Download it now from iTunes or Google Play.

spring app icon






Shifting gears a bit to shopping, this app presents a diverse selection custom curated to your preferences in a beautiful interface. Spring was one of the first shopping apps to bring zero hassle check outs (you just swipe), one could even say too easy. Great for when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for and want some inspiration. Download it now from iTunes.

shopstyle icon






This app’s shopping search engine is magical for those times when you know what you want, but can’t find it. Clients wonder how I produce just the thing from the vastness of the internet in sometimes literally under 10 minutes, and this is how. Pro tip: Make good use of the filters! Download from Apple Store or Download from Google Play.


tradesy icon






One of the best ways to get an incredible wardrobe on a budget is to buy designer consignment. Tradesy is one of the best such retailers, with a better reputation for authenticity than ebay and other resale sites. The app is easy to use with the inclusion of an apple pay option to make checkout quick and painless. Download it from iTunes or download it from Google Play.

like to know it app
Like To Know It






It probably goes without saying that some of the best style inspo is found on Instagram. This app lets you discover exactly what many of your favorite influencers are wearing, easy peasy. Download from iTunes.

vogue runway app
Vogue Runway






As a stylist, I know how important it is to train my eye to what is fresh and modern, so I always like to keep an eye on the runways. This app makes it easy to flip through the shows, with new shows posted every morning during fashion weeks. Download it from iTunes.

We hope you like our top style apps short list.  Please let us know your favorite apps in the Comments section so SheSpark readers can check them out!

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