how to wear black and white

2017 Summer Fashion Trend: How To Wear Black & White

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How To Wear Black & White

by Thea Wood,

Summer Fashion color trends are tough for me.  I have olive skin, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.  My optimal palette involves rich jewel and earth tones that you see in Fall runway collections but rarely at a July pool party. Pistachio, bubble gum pink, and sky blue tend to make me look muddy (like I slid into home plate on my face– in the rain), so I turn to white as my summer wardrobe’s base color and work around that.

In 2017,one summer fashion color trend is black and white, a combo that can be tricky to pull off.  Here are the top challenges to wearing black and white combos and strategies that solve them. The beauty of black and white is that it’s classic and versatile enough for work attire, date night, or a pool party.

I’ve done the work for you and put together black and white outfit searches for Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s in this Black & White Catalog.

Challenge: “I look bottom heavy (or top heavy) in black and white.”

Solution:  Light, bright colors make an area appear larger, while darker colors make an area recede.  If you are bottom heavy, wear black bottoms with a white or black and white patterned top.  Do the opposite if you are bottom heavy (wear the black on top and the white/patterned fabrics on the bottom). If you carry your weight in the middle, try a black top or dress under a 3/4 length blazer or cardigan. You’ll look and feel visually balanced.

how to wear black and white

Challenge:  “My face is completely washed out.”

Solution:  Black and white are extremely saturated colors that can make natural skin tones look dull or tired.  Viola Davis naturally rocks black and white because her skin tone is intense enough to absorb and complement the colors. Most women have to create more intensity.  Singer Gwen Stefani utilizes platinum-blonde hair and cherry red lipstick to strike a color balance.  Actress Rooney Mara keeps her skin porcelain white (no spray tans on that girl!) in contrast to her coal black hair and thick, dark brows. Play with your makeup and…


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