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2017 Best Designer Consignment Apps – SheSpark Picks

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Designer consignment apps are on the rise, but which ones do it right? That’s a loaded question.  If you’ve shopped any app (or site) where you’re dealing directly with non-professional resellers, you know what I’m talking about.

Pro: Designer consignment apps make buying/selling used clothing and accessories easy. Set up an account, load some pictures and a description, and wait for the sale to collect. Or search for a Chanel or Louis Vuitton (highly coveted resell brands) handbag for a steep discount. Many times the items were barely used and are in great shape.

Cons: Sellers can be shady and lazy. App comments/reviews are rife with complaints about sellers hawking knockoffs as the real deal or never delivering the product at all.  Getting money back from the company takes diligent followup and lots of time. Buyers are left frustrated and distrustful in these cases.

The truth is that we all want to minimize risk in resale transactions. We found the most hassle-free way to do that is to buy/sell pre-owned fashion and accessories through an app that acts as a third-party facilitator, authenticator, distributor. Some of the more trusted designer consignment web sites like don’t have apps, so they weren’t considered. That means our list is short! In fact, all of you entrepreneurs may want to consider filling the void on this one.  I’d love to see a vintage designer jewelry consignment app. Or a luxury designer scarf app.

As of now, these three apps are SheSpark’s top designer consignment apps. Their policies give buyers confidence and give sellers a reputation for reliability.

rebagg app

Rebagg   Download from iTunes or Google Play

4.5 stars on iTunes

As the name suggests, Rebagg is for reselling luxury designer handbags. Rather than wait for the bag to sell before getting your commission, Rebagg pays you up front. All you have to do is review the list of designers that Rebagg carries, submit pictures of bags from these designers, and Rebagg will send you a quote and a pre-paid shipping box if you choose to sell them the bag.  Once their team verifies the bag’s authenticity, they send you a check. You’re done! Rebagg does the rest.

As a buyer, you’ll get a 10% discount for purchases over $400 using code: LSMAY at checkout. Browsing their 19,000+ handbags may become your new addiction.  You can search by price, color, or designer (but not all three at one time, for now).  The photos are professional and show details on all sides. The descriptions are precise and include condition, measurements, accessories list when applicable, and the estimated original retail price.

Download from iTunes or Google Play

therealreal designer consignment

TheRealReal Download from iTunes

5 stars on iTunes

With five million consigners , TheRealReal is a mecca of luxury designer fashion for both women and men. This app requires you to register an account before you can even browse inventory, but it gives you a $25 credit for the effort. For buyers, the search parameters are fairly robust, the photos all professional, and the provider ships internationally.  Sellers receive a commission based on sale price starting at 55% going up to 80%. Sellers use a free shipping kit to send products to the warehouse where they are authenticated and priced. TheRealReal claims most sell within three days.

Download from iTunes

tradesy designer consignment

Tradesy Download from iTunes or from Google Play

4 Stars on iTunes

Tradesy almost didn’t make the cut.  At first glance, it looks like most consignment formats where sellers post and buyers buy without an up front authentication system. However, Tradesy developed an automated detection system that claims to accurately detect fraud with 99.7% accuracy. Can we prove it? No, but we do love that technology is creatively applied to lower up-front risks.  For sellers, Tradesy provides a free shipping kit and charges a flat fee of $7.50 for items under $50 and ~15% above $50.

Download from iTunes or from Google Play

What has your experience with consigning clothes online been like? We’d love to hear your stories in our comments section!

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