by Thea Wood (@Over40Style) Jenna Wolfe reminds me of Patrick Swayze’s bank-robbing character Bodhi in the 1991 movie Point Break. Both are thrill seekers — always on the lookout for the biggest wave. She’s surfed, skydived, scaled a 30-foot racing sailboat mast, flown with the Blue Angels, flown a water jet pack, space camped with […]

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Cool Is Smart: 10 Fall Fashion Trends For The Office

Look professional and cool with these Fall fashion trends for the office that visually state “I mean business.”  These are over-40 style friendly and available through lookbooks designed to save you shopping time.  Buy those that work best for your unique signature style! Shop Fall Fashion Trends HERE! Velvet jackets.  Choose rich colors and match […]

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What French Women Know About Beauty

What French Women Know About Beauty: Simone France Skincare Shares Its Secrets By Audrey Stefanik (@CremesComeTrue) A hidden address, secret ingredients, and a select client list. The story of Simone France is nothing short of mysterious…and glamorous. While living in Manhattan, Simone France developed a “cult” following of beauty insiders—the top makeup artists, models and […]

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