16 Wardrobe Storage Tips for Easy Outfit Creation

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by Imogen Lamport, InsideOutStyleBlog.com

Wardrobe storage is a little personal.  It can depend on what your wardrobe looks like and the space you have.

Personally I prefer to hang as much as possible.  Most of us go to our hanging section first, so if you can see it hanging, then you’re more likely to wear it.

Hanging Tips

  1. Only 1 garment per hanger
  2. Hang similar items together – eg. skirts together, trousers together, jackets together etc.   This allows you to discover more mix and  match possibilities as you start to see what your options are.
  3. Hang in colour order.  I go through the rainbow, starting at white, then through the rainbow ending with brown, grey and black.  This way you can easily find your pink top when you’re in a hurry.  Plus you discover if you’re rather colour dominant in any way – I will always remember doing a wardrobe audit with one of my clients and she insisted she had no green tops, but we found about 20 of them, but because they weren’t hung together she didn’t realize just how many she had (and kept buying more because she thought she was lacking in green tops.
  4. Throw out wire hangers.  They trash your clothing. They rust, leave marks in your clothes and should be returned to the dry cleaner rather than used at home.  Invest in some decent hangers.  If you have space, wooden ones are great, if you’re space poor the slim velour hangers are fabulous as things don’t slip off them.
  5. Find your wardrobe hot spots and cold spots (where you reach first, and where you reach last).  Put your most used garments in your hot spot – for me that’s tops.  Then put your least used in your cold spots (for most of us it’s evening wear).  Make it easy for yourself to get dressed, don’t have your most used clothes in a hard to reach place.   One of my clients wanted to dress more smart casual than relaxed casual, yet she had all her relaxed casual tops in her wardrobe hot spot, so of course that’s what she reached for each day.  We swapped it around, put her smart casual tops in her hot spot and moved those more casual tops to a slightly harder to reach spot so that she’d reach for the clothes that made her look smarter first!
  6. Make sure you hang skirts on skirt hangers and trousers on trouser hangers.  They keep your clothing investment in better condition.
  7. You can use hanging pockets to store shoes in the hanging portion of your wardrobe – it makes them easy to find and is an economical use of space.

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