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Universal Beauty, Learn The Rules

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Universal Beauty, Learn The Rules

by Anita Irlen ,

I’ve been writing about different iconic and national styles and style icons: places and women that appear in glossy magazines; glossy-glossy people and venues. While I admit that it can all become too much, what I like about the glossy-glossy are ideas, inspirations, and what I’ve learned.

Thus far, there are four things I’ve learned and firmly believe in when it comes to beauty and fashion. I generally don’t like lists of anything except the groceries I have to buy, or the errands I have to run. We all know why lists exist, but how much do we ever really learn from them?

What I’m going to be writing about are universal ideas, more like a philosophy than a list of do’s and don’ts. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of do’s and don’ts and lists of products. I think when you get to be our age, you know what mascara and shampoo work for you and how to use them, and you don’t need me to tell you what I think is best.

However, I do believe in the concept of universal beauty, a theory of aesthetics  that needs to be paid attention to or else ignored at one’s peril! That’s what this series of posts is going to be about. Four days, four principles and how they apply to you and me, covering us from head to toe, body and soul.

Rule #1. Don’t try so hard.

I still see a lot of this on the street. Even women who obviously have good taste and the money to indulge it, do much too much. Hair overly coiffed, face overly painted, neck overly bejeweled, dress overly “embellished,” pants overly “styled,” and shoes blinged out and complicated in design. And of course, nails painted and fingers beringed. If you look like you’re ready to be laid out for a final viewing, with all the finery you possess, you will either be forgotten or remembered for the wrong thing.

Too much, even a little too much of any of this, will kill your looks! Even those of us who think we’re into minimalism, can easily do too much. I have found myself looking in the mirror and being confused by what’s going on. Big earrings, shirt with collar, belt and bracelets, boots. While that may not sound like extravagance, very often it just is. Look at this…



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