Try The Mind Diet in 2017

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by Cynthia Maida,

Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise. What can we do to reduce our risk of getting this debilitating disease?  It turns out that new research from the team at Rush University Medical Center is showing promise with the MIND diet. A diet that limits red meats, butter and stick margarine, pastries, sweets, fried foods and cheese.  They have compiled a list of 8 power foods for our brain.

People who followed this diet in the 4 ½ year study had brains that functioned as if they were 7 ½ years younger than those who’s diet was high in saturated fats.  The risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was decreased by a whopping 50%. Researchers also found that those people who followed the MIND diet plan just part of the time still had a 35% lower risk of the disease.

MIND brain health guidelines:

  1. Vegetables/ Leafy Greens: one cup raw or ½ cup cooked greens and ½ cup other vegetables per day.

Those people eating one or two serving of greens like collards, kale, or spinach for 5 years, had the brain of someone 11 years younger. This according to the RUSH University study.

  1. Nuts: Five 1 oz. servings per week.

The selenium contained in nuts, particularly Brazil nuts, are essential for the parts of our brain that are responsible for verbal abilities and spatial skills.


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