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Old Smoky: Does the Smoky Eye Make You Look Older?

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By Audrey Stefanik (@CremesComeTrue)

It’s date night!  I’m going to get out of my yoga pants and actually put some effort into an outfit.  Now for the makeup.  I want to do something different, not my everyday look.  Smoky eye!  Yes, definitely a dramatic look!

Fast forward to me applying layers of DARK brown eyeshadow and liner onto my aging lids.  The result in the mirror resembles a creepy clown sighting.  Nope, the smoky eye is not for me.]

Dark shadows are not the only way to achieve a dramatic look.  Neutral shades like rose gold, bronze and, yes, EVEN a touch of glitter, can give you all the drama without the smoke.

I’ve rounded up a few eye shadow favorites, drugstore to high-end, that are GORGEOUS, and wear well on mature lids.




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